Ulisses Spiele Acquires Sigil Services

Leading VTT studio continues brisk growth, expands services

April 18, 2023 [Waldems Steinfischbach, Germany, and Chandler, Arizona, USA] – Ulisses Spiele is proud to announce the acquisition of Sigil Services, LLC, a company founded to enhance Virtual Tabletop (VTT) conversion and development for the game industry’s premiere roleplaying game companies and properties. Sigil was founded by Aaron Acevedo in 2005 and expanded to VTT in 2019 and became a partner with Shane Hensley’s Pinnacle Entertainment Group in 2022.

Since its inception, President Dr. Amy Bliss Marshall and her team of coders, artists, and platform specialists have worked with top-tier game companies such as Paizo, Free League, Ulisses Spiele, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Onyx Path, and more to set the standard for VTT development, art, conversion, and integration with various platforms such as Foundry VTT and Roll20. The acquisition by Ulisses Spiele will enable Sigil to improve and expand services while offering new options for future customers and all their digital needs.

Dr. Bliss Marshall will remain President of Sigil Services, with electronic gaming veteran Jan Wagner joining the company as its CEO. Sigil Services will become a corporation with offices in North America and Germany; Shane Hensley of Pinnacle Inc. will remain on the company board of owners and be joined by Markus Plötz. Markus Plötz of Ulisses comments: “We’ve long been envisioning expanding Ulisses far beyond our successful game lines. By combining forces with Sigil we aim to create a multi-faceted engine that enhances all our and our industry’s individual projects. Sigil Services is the leader in VTT creation and management and with Ulisses’ infrastructure strengthening their operations, we want to help them focus on what matters most: Creating great quality work for all our many friends and partners and taking our collective businesses to the next level.”

Shane Hensley added: “Aaron and Amy already established an amazing company. My role was to bring some extra financial support to their operations so we could develop tools to help integrate converted and original content into the increasingly feature rich—and complex—VTT platforms. Bringing in someone of Markus’ incredible ambition and foresight means Sigil Services can reach even more of our long-term goals, including helping our friends at other companies embrace the versatility, reach, profitability, and excitement of digital gaming.”

Under the new owners, Sigil Services plans to expand their range of services, with an added focus on broader VTT content creation. Amy adds: “We are extending our available services to smaller publishers and successful crowdfunding projects looking for an economical foothold on the increasingly important VTT landscape. At the same time, we continue our commitment to better serve existing customers by expanding our core team. I am excited about Sigil’s future and the many possibilities on the horizon.”

All of the company’s management will be at the Gama Expo in Reno and available to chat with interested parties.

About Sigil Services
Sigil Services is the industry’s preeminent creator of Virtual Tabletop content. More information can be found at www.sigil-services.com. To discuss your company’s VTT needs, please contact info@sigil-services.com.

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