Mana Project Studio Partnership

Modiphius partners with Mana Project Studio for the retail release of Historia, Not the End, and more!

Mana Project Studio is an Italian graphic design studio, roleplaying games publisher, game creator, and crowdfunding consultant. Through their own hugely successful Kickstarters they have published a fantastic range of roleplaying games which Modiphius is excited to bring to a wider audience through our VIA Modiphius program and direct-to-retail sales in the UK and Europe.

The first releases will include:

Historia – a dark fantasy Renaissance setting for the 5th Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Introducing the setting of Vesteria, a merciless land full of intrigues, populated by anthropomorphic animals. In the Historia Core Rulebook, you will discover:

  • 17 new playable races of anthropomorphic animals, further divided into species for a total of 50 different player options!
  • 10 new classes designed to fit a Renaissance setting.
  • New magic and historically accurate firearms and equipment.
  • New rules for backgrounds, factions, and careers.
  • Stunning artwork directed and designed by Mirko Failoni.

The Historia product line also includes the Historia GM Screen, Historia Adventures Book, Historia Lorebook, Historia Maps Pack, and Historia Lorebook.

Not the End – the winner of the Italian Roleplaying Game of the Year Award 2020, designed by Fumble – a collective of Italian authors and game designers. Using an original diceless game system called HexSys, players describe their Heroes with keywords linked in a ‘hive’ of hexagons. How the hexagons relate to each other creates bonds that make each Hero unique. Tokens are used to represent success and complications, and each trial will add something to the story and the game world. Heroes will be affected by the choices they make and will change and evolve as the story progresses whether through triumph or tragedy. Failure is not the end. The Not The End Corebook includes all the rules you need to play the game in any setting of your choice:

  • Create and Evolve the Hero
  • Deal with Tests and Trials
  • Face the End
  • Narrate Stories
  • Create Settings

The Not The End product line also includes the Not The End Stories book, Not The End Lesson Card Deck, and Not The End Tokens Set.

Further releases later in the year will include the Seven Sinners supplement for 5E and OSR, and other forthcoming games from Mana Project Studios yet to be announced.

Modiphius will begin launching these products and more into UK and EU retail and through its web stores from 3rd May 2023.

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