Renegade Game Studios Partners With By Night Studios to Expand Distribution

San Diego, CA – June 22, 2023  Renegade Game Studios is excited to announce that they are entering into a co-publishing arrangement with By Night Studios to support all future World of Darkness 5th Edition Live Action Roleplay (LARP) book releases from this partner.

By Night Studios will continue to head creative on their books while Renegade works to expand their distribution into new channels through sales and marketing initiatives. The ultimate aim of this collaboration is to make Mind’s Eye Theatre LARP books from By Night Studios more available to a wider audience of World of Darkness fans.

By Night Studios’ CEO, Daphne Reeder, shares her excitement about the partnership: “Joining forces with Renegade opens up avenues for Mind’s Eye Theatre products that haven’t been explored in two decades. It’s a major stride forward for our community.”

After exceeding its original goal by an impressive 450%, raising over $100,000 in a triumphantly successful crowdfunding campaign on Backerkit, Laws of the Night is set to debut as the first of a forthcoming series of Vampire LARP books in retail outlets. This trailblazing system update for the esteemed Mind’s Eye Theatre – Vampire: The Masquerade signifies a unique partnership, marking the inaugural instance of a book in this series being co-published and distributed by Renegade Game Studios.

This significant development not only heralds a new chapter for By Night Studios, but also stands as a monumental milestone for its devoted community.

“We’re really excited to be able to partner with the By Night Studios team. The World of Darkness LARP books have a strong history in the hobby games market. Bringing them back to stores and working together with BNS and Paradox to better align all content in the RPG and LARP space is a huge win for players.” said Scott Gaeta, President & Publisher at Renegade Game Studios.

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Renegade Game Studios was established in 2014 by game industry veteran Scott Gaeta to publish games that create memorable experiences including a catalog full of award-winning titles. Renegade’s catalog of games includes numerous popular titles such as Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game, Transformers Deck-Building Game, My Father’s Work, and award-winning titles such as Raiders of the North Sea, and The Fox in the Forest.

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By Night Studios, the official licensed publisher for Paradox’s World of Darkness’ Mind’s Eye Theatre products, is on a global mission to ignite and rekindle a new era of the Mind’s Eye Theatre experience. Our team is a blend of World of Darkness enthusiasts and Live Action game advocates, including seasoned gaming industry professionals who have had integral roles in the birth and growth of World of Darkness products and Mind’s Eye Theatre events.

Our commitment is unwavering: to deliver high-quality, innovative Mind’s Eye Theatre products that resonate with both longstanding fans and newcomers alike. Discover more about us at

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