Blood and Doom Fully Funded After Less than a Day

Less than a day after launching its Kickstarter campaign, Dicetale Games and Modiphius succeeded in reaching their 35.000 euro goal on Kickstarter and fully funding Dicetale Game’s dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game Blood and Doom.

But there’s more: Blood and Doom was also able to clench a much-coveted second position on the Kicktraq Hotlist!

About Blood and Doom

From a creative team that includes ENnie Award-winning writers for games such as RuneQuest, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium, Star Trek Adventures, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, Champions, Doctor Who, HERO System, The One Ring, and many more comes the new dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game Blood and Doom. With 25 more days to go, get in on the Kickstarter action and enter a world of both tremendous wonder and unparalleled danger.

Surf to our Kickstarter page now and explore the seven realms of Athyr, teeming with primordial beasts and arcane energies from other planes. Unearth the nefarious plots of secret cults that lurk in ancient ruins and long-forgotten tombs and arm yourself with steel and sorcery to confront the rising tide of monsters that threaten this world’s very existence.

Get started with our huge bundle of three Primer books, including a highly-detailed map of Athyr, a Blood and Doom Soundtrack Sampler, and more. With rules that will guide you through every step of your journey, you can customize your character with a multitude of Traits, Powers, Spells, weapons, and armor. The possibilities for your character’s story are nearly limitless.

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