Eastern Odyssey, a Silkpunk Gacha RPG, is Now Open for Pre-registration!

Eastern Odyssey, a silkpunk 3D gacha RPG published by Gtarcade, is now open for pre-registration. The closed beta test is estimated to launch at the end of December.

Eastern Odyssey is based on Journey to the West and set in the civilization of Grand Tang. It merges industrial sci-fi elements into a splendid, classic game world, bringing a fantasy adventure of multicultural diversity.

Silkpunk: Defy the old ways — go westwards!

A clash of magic and machines based on Asian mythology and legends! In a parallel universe of Grand Tang’s 300 years of prosperity, the Silk Road connects the ancient East and the West. Begin from Chang’an and experience a unique Journey to the West, where different cultures intersect in this fantasy world.

A Story-Rich Role-Playing Fantasy

 “You can’t comprehend destiny without unveiling the truth of the world.

The oasis you chase after might yet be an unrealistic hope.”

Thanks to the discovery of Mana Energy, the Kingdom of Grand Tang entered an unprecedented era of industrial prosperity. But with the excessive use of the new energy, Miasma, a negative power that drives everything into madness, broke out. As a result, the peace of the world started to crumble.

You will play as a seeker and journey to the West alongside your team to find salvation for the world. Immerse yourself in a story-rich 3D adventure with high-quality cinematics and music!

Factions & Characters

Meet characters with distinct personalities from four factions:
The “Meruvian” and “Eternals” are two factions consisting of Deities that jointly safeguard the order of the world;
The “Azure” is a human organization that uses Mana technology flexibly;
The “Wanling” are creatures such as plants and animals that acquired unusual abilities.
Together, they present a grand stage only for you!

With rebellion as his motto, Monkey King from the Wanling faction once wreaked havoc in both Heaven and the Nether. In the past, he was the Great Sage, and now, he’s a reliable ally on your westward journey. With the Somersault Cloud under his feet and a Golden Cudgel in his hands, Monkey King makes the impossible possible.

Strategic Card Gameplay with No Limitations

Embrace galore strategic card gameplay and infinite lineup possibilities. All characters may reach the highest quality, so any R character you obtain has a chance to become an SSR one, bringing unprecedented freedom and extensive progression elements! In a world of crisis underneath its prosperity, building your strongest team is the only way that leads to victory.

Are you ready to enter the world of Eastern Odyssey?

Pre-registration: https://easternodyssey.gtarcade.com/
GTarcade Forum: https://forum.gtarcade.com/forum/113
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eastern-Odyssey-104151985584498
Discord: https://discord.gg/pk77Bm7a7W
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cyyuki_official
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChf3L09UPd8yJI7gfDSjYTg

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