Dragonlance is Available Today!

Enlist in the war of the Lance!

D&D fans can now march to war against the Dragon Armies with the new Dragonlance adventure and board game – available for purchase everywhere starting today.

As you may know, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen is a D&D adventure set in the world of Krynn with the backdrop of the War of the Lance. Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn is a board game designed by Rob Daviau and Stephen Baker that allows the players to jump into a mass battle and make decisions on memorable events during the war. Fans can choose to play them individually or in conjunction to tell a single engrossing campaign, switching between the D&D adventure and the board game.

  • Watch interviews with the designers of Dragonlance in this robust playlist of videos including:
  • Physical and D&D Beyond bundles are also available
    • Shadow of the Dragon Queen book bundle includes the physical book and digital book early access on D&D Beyond for $59.94
    • Shadow of the Dragon Queen Deluxe Edition Bundle includes the physical book, a DM screen, Warriors of Krynn, and early access on D&D Beyond for $154.98

Get ready for an epic tale of conflict and defiance!

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