The Edinburgh Horrors: Long Dead Ink

The Edinburgh Horrors, Long Dead Ink, is an adventure with a built in game system you can easily pick up and play. The Kickstarter is funding till December 20.

A magical adventure to find the source of all magic and bring it back to a world devastated by the First World War. For some it will be about finding healing, re-enchanting a broken world. For others it may end up being more about power and control. Players will get to shape a burgeoning new secret society and the decisions they make will help determine its focus for good or ill. It is a journey that will eventually take them (in later adventures) to a magically hidden island off the coast of England and a rival secret society that is centuries old and holds the key to the power they seek. It will feature both horror and wonder along the way and eventually throw players into an ancient conflict for the soul of humanity and the players characters themselves. It is an adventure where nothing is quite what it seems and you can find both friends and enemies in unexpected places and guises.

As well as the adventure, the Kickstarter also includes a Basic system book, a guidebook to 1920s Edinburgh (also handy for anyone playing Call of Cthulhu) and two decks of custom Tarot cards you can use to play. It gives you everything you need to start playing and creating your own adventures. The game system doesn’t just resolve actions, it actually helps generate stories, settings and characters as you play, fleshing them out so your games get richer and less 2 dimensional. It also has a ‘Tools not Rules’ approach so it is flexible and can be customised for your own game groups needs and play styles. While the adventure is guided you can play as traditionally or experimentally as you feel comfortable with. Solo, GMless, switching characters in game are all possible with the basic system book.

The adventure has hit its funding goal and we are adding some fun stretch goals. To start with we are adding story seeds that give people the basics of new side stories in Edinburgh. Players can expand these using the system to add more detail and their own spin off characters, locations and events as these are designed to get people discovering just how powerful the Fortune’s Wheel game system is for creating everything you need.

About the designer and artist

Peter has been playing and GMing rpgs since the first copies of Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition hit the UK. This is his first game design, the fruition of some 43 years of playing and storytelling RPGs. As an artist he has won a fairytale illustration prize, had his work displayed in one of Europe’s oldest public art galleries and exhibited in several art fairs in London. He has also done a range of fantasy, horror and esoteric book covers and early in his career did concept art and illustrations for the ill fated Reich Star RPG. He now lives in Toronto Canada with his wife (and desktop publishing designer) Suzette, who is also a skilled artist.

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