Modiphius Launches New Products for Dune: Adventures in the Imperium

Agents and Architects of Dune, ready yourselves! Today, Modiphius Entertainment released two new products in its best-selling Dune: Adventures in the Imperium line — The Agent and Architect asset decks. These decks of 56-cards offer players additional assets their characters can access while playing politics or stealthily striking their foes in the popular tabletop RPG.

Dune: Architect Asset Deck [US / UK]

When you strike from the shadows, you need the right leverage. This deck details the various assets a master manipulator might use to destroy their enemies from afar, from soldiers to spies, ornithopters to artillery, secrets to stolen files, and even face dancers to informants. Each card fully details an individual asset, giving you everything you need at your fingertips to become the secret puppetmaster of your enemies.

Dune: Agent Asset Deck [US / UK]

When you face your enemies, you need the equipment to prevail. This deck features various assets an agent of a noble House might use to face their enemies, from maula pistols to lasguns, filmbooks to Fremkits, and Sapho to Spice.

Also available is the Masters of Dune sourcebook, an epic 166-page campaign that can be run on its own or as a continuation of the Agents of Dune boxed set. Play as the renowned House Nagara or create a new House of your own to tame Arrakis. Over the campaign’s nine explosive chapters, your characters will:

  • Seek out the elusive Fremen to gain their trust and allegiance, if you can navigate their mysterious customs and rituals
  • Engage in exciting space battles on behalf of the mysterious Guild, taking on lethal pirates in the void between worlds
  • Visit the deadly House Harkonnen on the industrial hellscape of Giedi Prime, where poison and treachery lie behind every corner
  • Mine spice on Arrakis to quench the insatiable need of the Imperium, even though it can never be enough to satisfy the hunger of the Known Universe
  • Discover the wisdom of the secretive Bene Gesserit if you can pass their deadly tests and prove yourself worthy of the Sisterhood’s trust
  • Politic on Kaitain against the Emperor and the Landsraad council, where you might play one side against another if you have the cunning and skill for such deceit in the ultimate game
  • Travel from Arrakis across the Imperium to seek new allies, resources, and favors that might tip the balance of power in the universe

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