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Welsh Mythology Campaign Book Kickstarter Funded on first day!

Quest through real Welsh folklore, train Celtic subclasses, and master new systems in this epic Celtic campaign book for Legends of Avallen and 5th Edition, brought to you by Adder Stone Games and Modiphius.

Dare you stand against the Faerie Queene?

Features at a glance

  • Fate Cards: an all-new exploration mechanic
  • Innovative modular rules systems for Diplomacy, Journeys, Stealth and more!
  • 5 Iconic adventure archetypes
  • 10 Celtic Legends woven into a tale of love, loss, and revenge
  • 13 Heroic Celtic & Roman subclasses
  • 25 Mythical monsters, tricksy fae and supernatural beings
  • 54 Custom illustrated foil poker cards
  • 1 Epic Celtic Campaign book for Legends of Avallen and 5th Edition


  • Art book detailing the inspiring myths and gorgeous concept art
  • Legends of Avallen, the Celtic-Roman fantasy RPG

“Legends of Avallen has been a community hit for people looking for adventure and intrigue in the misty isles, this new book lets you explore the darkest secrets of the fae!” 

– Chris Birch, founder of Modiphius

About Adder Stone Games

Adder Stone Games is based in Cardiff, Wales. Founder Deren Ozturk, began by developing a game inspired by his Welsh locale to introduce new players to RPGs. Adder Stone Games is now partnered with Modiphius and has a diverse group of talented people working across four continents to help gamers bring legends to life!

Campaign Details

Against the Faerie Queene Summary

Designed for both Legends of Avallen and 5th Edition, Against the Faerie Queene promises to tell an epic tale of love, loss and revenge as you quest to end the Faerie Queene’s schemes through a campaign of five adventures inspired by Celtic legends:

  • The Hunt
  • The Heist
  • The Horror
  • The Games
  • The Cairn

Avallen Setting Summary

An ancient island at the edge of an insatiable empire. Avallen is a storied setting abound with myths, secrets, and adventure inspired by Celtic mythology in Roman Britain.

Venture through the fierce but divided Vallic clan lands, step onto the gilded streets of the Raxian Empire, and fall into the entrancing Otherworld…but take care dealing with both the fae and demons who reside there.

Legends of Avallen RPG Summary

Legends of Avallen is a Celtic-Roman fantasy RPG about how legendary figures rise from humble beginnings!

Where other games skip your origins, Legends of Avallen starts from the very beginning, as a blacksmith, shepherd, alchemist, or other base profession. Then quest through Avallen to learn how to fight, use magic, and follow a legendary path, such as the Fae Touched, Gladiator, or of course, the Druid.

With an innovative rules system that needs just a deck of regular playing cards, Legends of Avallen uses engaging mechanics that reward teamwork, creativity, and resourcefulness. Setup your allies to best formidable foes, shape dangerous spells in rituals, craft magical gear from slain monsters and decide how your character will grow in both personality and power through your character arc.

  • Originally funded on Kickstarter in 2020 by Adder Stone Games
  • Published in partnership with Modiphius in 2021

Art Book

  • Want to learn about the Celtic legends that inspired this campaign and how they were woven into it?
  • Want to see all the beautiful concept art that goes into making Avallen and its characters?
  • Want insight into the behind-the-scenes design decisions made by the artists and writers?

Then the premium quality hardback Art Book (and PDF) is for you!

Deck of Cards

The modular 5th Edition rules systems introduced in Against the Faerie Queene, as well as the core rules for Legends of Avallen use playing cards. While any ole’ deck of playing cards will do, backers of this campaign can get decks of the Against the Faerie Queene playing cards at a discount!

  • Printed by Cartamundi with their Superluxe 320 premium stock
  • Foil finish with brilliant shiny inks!
  • Custom design featuring campaign themes
  • Gorgeous illustrations of characters and creatures from the story

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