Elemental Manipulation Comes to DnD With the Elementara Sourcebook

Are you ready to Element-ify 5e? Plus Three Press recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Elementara, a sourcebook that brings elemental manipulation to 5e. With the book, you’ll choose an element: nature, air, spirit, fire, metal, earth, or water, and forge an elemancer using 100+ new spells and 50+ martial techniques, plus any existing 5e class. What element would your character awaken to?

The sourcebook contains tons of new options and resources. In addition to new spells and martial techniques, it includes seven entirely new spell lists, a bunch of new elemental monsters & NPCs, a system to element-fy existing creatures, and an entirely new campaign setting: Ezara, the Land of Seven Elements. This new campaign setting features seven great nations that have each built around a gargantuan elemental anomaly and is the perfect place to unleash the new elemental powers found in the book.

Plus Three Press has released a variety of previews throughout the past month, including a preview of some of the character options that are going to be in the book, which you can find here. They are also planning to reveal a new spell/technique every day for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign, so be sure to follow their socials if you are interested in seeing those.

With a pledge of AU $30 (about US ~$21), you’ll get a PDF copy of the Elementara book. If you pledge at least $65 (about US $45) you’ll also get a hardcover version of the book or a deck of 155+ reference cards for all of the spells & techniques introduced in Elementara. You can also pledge at higher tiers to get both the book and card deck, and there’s also a sleek-looking, Kickstarter-exclusive version of the hardcover up for grabs.

Additionally, Plus Three Press has committed to donate to the Eden Reforestation Projects, in order to plant 3 trees for every backer of the Kickstarter. They’ll also be doing so for all purchases of their products from now on, so by supporting +3 Press projects, you’ll be giving a +3 to the environment too!

If you’re looking to bring the elements to your 5e games, Elementara is exactly what you need. You can read more about it and back now on the campaign page.

Back the Kickstarter campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/plusthreepress/elementara-guide-to-the-seven-elements-for-5e

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