Modiphius Releases Fiction and a New Video from Cohors Cthulhu Tabletop RPG Universe

Recently, Modiphius Entertainment took the wraps off their upcoming trans-media franchise, Cohors Cthulhu, a universe set in an alternate era where Germanic tribespeople and Roman Legions will encounter the horrific otherworldly entities of H.P. Lovecraft’s famous lore. Today, the company is pleased to release the first installment of Cohors Cthulhu fiction, available for free at

This month’s fiction is from tabletop industry veteran Douglas Seacat and is based on the first video released for Cohors Cthulhu, “Broken Column.” In the video, a Century of Roman Legionaries is attacked by mysterious glass balls filled with a poisonous powder — dark magic performed by a cultist of Mormo to transform the fated soldiers into foul Servitors of Nyarlathotep. Today’s fiction expands upon the elements of the trailer, giving readers a deeper dive into the horrors that await the unsuspecting Legions.

Modiphius is also releasing a new short video set in the Cohors universe. In it, Roman Legionary Caelius and Samartiaan horse archer Vita race to escape an attack on their fort, which Caelius had foretold in recent dreams. Watch “The Chase” here:

Lastly, Modiphius Entertainment is looking for playtesters for the in-development 2d20 edition of the Cohors Cthulhu tabletop role-playing game. Sign-ups are available at

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