Engage! New Adventures, Dice, and Accessories Available for the Star Trek Adventures Tabletop Role-playing Game

Are you ready to explore strange new worlds on your dining room table? Today, Modiphius Entertainment is hailing fans to let them know that there are several new releases for the Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG. Previously only available in the Tricorder Collector’s Special Edition Boxed Set, these new campaign books, dice, and rulebooks are now available for individual purchase at Modiphius.net and Modiphius.us.

Here’s a quick sensor scan of what’s available:

  • Captain Kirk’s green and gold tunic-colored dice
  • The Keyhole of Eternity campaign booklet (PDF)
  • Star Trek Adventures Tricorder Digest Rulebook (PDF and Print)
  • Star Trek Adventures PDF Collection: Includes PDFs of the Digest-sized rulebook, the Keyhole of Eternity Campaign, 13 pre-generated characters, reference sheets, and printable tokens

For fans looking for more recent Star Trek Adventures content, the Discovery Season 3 Crew Pack is also newly available. The PDF-only pack contains player character statistics for the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031 as seen in Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery. The Discovery Season 1 Crew Pack and the Discovery Season 2 Crew Pack, as well as the preorder for the hardback Discovery (2256-2258) Campaign Guide, are also available.

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