Handiwork Games Launches Trials of the Twin Seas

Trials of the Twin Seas for BEOWULF Age of Heroes is now live on Kickstarter

Following the success of the ENnie-nominated BEOWULF Age of Heroes – 5th edition for one GM and one player – Handiwork Games are delighted to be back on kickstarter to raise funds for a collected print edition of their popular adventures for BEOWULF.

Featuring scenarios by:
Jacob Rodgers, Jon Hodgson, Marco Rafala, KC Shi, Elaine Lithgow and Gareth Ryder Hanrahan, Trials of the Twin Seas promises to be at least 224 pages long, and full-colour in hardback.

BEOWULF Age of Heroes takes its setting from a mythic world of the dark ages, where just like in the poem Beowulf, singular heroes ride the Whale Road in search of monsters to slay. With a host of new, setting specific rules, subclasses and a whole bestiary of monsters, BEOWULF was a hit with backers and critics alike.

The Follower and portent rules for BEOWULF really showed the 5e team at Handiwork know their way around the system, and players have found the ease with which they can pick up a 5e game with just one player to be especially helpful during recent times.

It doesn’t hurt that the original book, and PDF adventures are as beautiful as you would expect.

The crowdfunding campaign features a ton of great add ons, including new versions of previously kickstarter exclusive items like a unique dice tray and inspiration mat, a new art book, and the chance to catch up on anything you missed from the first campaign or subsequent releases.

Players who want to try out BEOWULF Age of Heroes before pledging can grab The Hermit’s Sanctuary, the free scenario.

The campaign is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jonhodgsonmaptiles2/beowulf-the-trials-of-the-twin-seas-for-5e

The free, full length intro is here:

Handiwork Games website: www.handiwork.games

About Handiwork Games
Founded in 2019 by industry veteran Jon Hodgson, Handiwork Games is a game design and publishing company based in Scotland. They produce various game products, including a|state second edition, BEOWULF Age of Heroes, the award-winning The Forest Dragon and a range of unique gaming accessories. Find out more at www.handiwork.games

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