Announcing Four New Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Accessories!

We had a busy weekend at Renegade Con Virtual, and have a ton of new Power Rangers goodness to share! If you missed the streams and want to watch our epic Power Rangers product reveals video, you can find it here!

We’ve got FOUR new ways to enhance your Power Rangers Roleplaying Game today, starting off with our first dedicated adventure book, Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Adventures in Angel Grove! In Adventures in Angel Grove, Rita Repusla’s forces are attacking Angel Grove, as always, but this time something’s REALLY gone haywire! People are missing from all over the city, Zords are on the fritz, and it seems like even Rita doesn’t know what’s gone wrong!

In this four part adventure, your team of Power Rangers will solve a mystery that leads to places on which no human has set foot on…yet! This is the perfect way to continue a game that started with the adventure in the Core Rulebook, then played the Glutton for Punishment adventure that comes with the GM screen!

Aspiring GMs may also want to check out the Glutton for Punishment Accessory Pack, which contains full-color cardboard standees and stat cards for all threats in the Fool’s Errand adventure from the Core Rulebook, as well as from the Glutton for Punishment adventure. These standees and cards make handling epic battles a snap. What’s more the pack includes 10 beautiful, full-color map tiles for locations you may come across in your adventures!

On the player side of things, the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Character Journal is a beautiful foil-embossed hardcover love letter to your roleplaying game character. It functions as an expanded character sheet, but is also able to chronicle your Ranger’s adventures over a whole campaign. It also includes character creation prompts and history pages to help you get started!

Last but certainly not least, we have 12 detailed miniatures for player characters in the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Hero Miniatures Set #1! Paint up a custom ranger for each character in your group, picking from a variety of Rangers from the Mighty Morphin, Zeo, and Turbo teams.

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