Ain’t Slayed Nobody Podcast Wraps Debut Season

Houston, TX, September 2, 2021— Ain’t Slayed Nobody — a comedy-horror tabletop role-playing game podcast that launched in January 2020 — has wrapped its first season. Y’all of Cthulhu, a 21-episode inaugural campaign in Chaosium’s lauded Call of Cthulhu system, features characters and critters from the Wild West in a tale of cosmic horror. The show has drawn thousands of listeners and subscribers from all over the world.

The game master or “Keeper of Arcane Lore” nicknamed cuppycup hosts the game and produces the series with professional sound design, bringing the world alive with a unique feel of friends around the table blended with radio drama. cuppycup hails from a background of college sports blogging at SB Nation. In fact, the cast all spent years as college football bloggers for SB Nation before dedicating nearly two years to record this campaign as first-time tabletop gamers. The Y’all of Cthulhu story arc was written by cuppycup, Will Baizer, and Graeme Patrick. Baizer invented new lore in the Cthulhu Mythos to support the story, and Patrick contributed as an acclaimed writer of tabletop RPG scenarios.


  • Jay Arnold as Lance Kilkenny
  • Wes Davis as Jeremiah Fensworth
  • Chuck Lawrence as Johnny Rhodes
  • Alex McDaniel as Ellie Bishop
  • Brandon Wainerdi as Father Flint Westwater

The story follows Deputy Sheriff Ellie Bishop as she seeks revenge for her father’s murder at the hands of Colin Brock. On this harrowing adventure into the American Old West, she takes along her posse of a mysterious drifter (Johnny), a grizzled old miner (Jeremiah), a fallen priest (Father Flint), and a former outlaw seeking redemption (Lance). Their mission seems straightforward, but along their route from Canutillo, Texas, to fictional Olvido, New Mexico, they ride headlong into encounters with cosmic horrors beyond their comprehension. The quips and bullets fly in this epic adventure down darker trails, and no one can say what awaits the posse at the end of their ride.

“Role-playing games were a missing part of my life, but I never knew that until Ain’t Slayed Nobody. I’ve learned so much from our cast and community in running this show, and I consider season one of Y’all of Cthulhu to be one of the most rewarding phases of my life. It helped many of us get through a pandemic and connect socially during tough times.” – cuppycup

Along with ASN’s subscribers who have made over 250K unique downloads, the podcast has built a devoted community across other platforms, namely Discord and Patreon, which gives listeners the opportunity to connect with cast members, discuss the show and access standalone episodes with the cast and special guests. Scott Dorward, who has written for Chaosium, runs a World War Cthulhu: London campaign for the “Patreon Posse” and has contributed to several Ain’t Slayed Nobody actual play scenarios.

ASN is kicking off its second season in early 2022 with an expanded cast. Talented role players Rina Haenze and London Carlisle, who have featured on other games with Ain’t Slayed Nobody, join the main arc which continues in Chaosium’s Down Darker Trails setting. This season takes place in the same world as Y’all of Cthulhu Season One, but with new investigators and plights.

The show is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and most available podcast apps.


Our AudioVerse award-winning podcast was founded by cuppycup in 2019.

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