Critical Role Launches New Publishing Company: Darrington Press

Critical Role Launches New Publishing Company, Darrington Press, with Four Original Games Set for 2021 Release

Featuring New Adventures Both In and Outside of the Critical Role-created World of Exandria

October 27, 2020 — Today, Critical Role embarks on its latest adventure by officially launching its new tabletop game publishing company, Darrington Press, further establishing Critical Role’s dedication to the wonder and positivity that comes from storytelling. Darrington Press will feature games in and outside of Exandria, the world created by Darrington Press Creative Advisor, Critical Role’s Chief Creative Officer and Game Master, Matthew Mercer

Leading this new business venture is the the Head of Darrington Press, Ivan Van Norman, who has been producing tabletop games and media content for over 10 years as a co-owner of Hunters Entertainment (Alice is Missing, Altered Carbon, Outbreak: Undead), as well as consultant to many other companies, including Wizards of the Coast and Hersch Games (Taboo). Van Norman has danced the line between media and design, working as a producer of board and RPG content for several digital media projects as well as a game producer on Will Wheaton’s “TableTop.” In addition, he served as executive producer of International Tabletop Day.

Darrington Press currently has four games set to be released in 2021, with their very first game, Uk’otoa, set for a Q1 2021 release date. This tactical game of semi-cooperative card play will be available in the Critical Role online shops in the US, UK, and AU, as well as hobby stores in the US with an MSRP starting at $29.99. More on Uk’otoa and the full slate of 2021 titles can be found below.


Uk’otoa – Q1 2021

A battle for life and death on the high Lucidian seas! This flagship title from Darrington Press is a tactical game of semi-cooperative card play as factions of sailors vie to be the last claimed by the raging sea leviathan Uk’otoa. As the ship slowly falls into the ocean, you’ll have to run, push, and sacrifice others to win! Fans of Critical Role know Uk’otoa as the ex-patron of warlock Fjord (played by Travis Willingham). Who could say whether these tales hold any truth? Fjord isn’t telling. Uk’otoa is suitable for ages 12+, is meant for 3-5 players and consists of 30-45 minutes of gameplay. Uk’otoa is created by Jeb Havens (Burrows, Mother Sheep, You Don’t Know My Life!), with additional game design by Gabriel Hicks (Roll20, Paizo, Mythic Grove), art by Critter Hannah Friederichs, Uk’otoa Sculpt by Niklas Norman (Runewars, Imperial Assault, Fallout: The Board Game) and layout by Vee Hendro (Good Society: A Jane Austen RPG, Visigoths vs Mall Goths, and Lost Roads).

Critical Role Adventures – Q2 2021

Embark on your own journey through Exandria with Critical Role Adventures! Play as the upstart adventurers Vox Machina and overcome treacherous challenges. This cooperative legacy-lite campaign game uses a unique, narrative mechanic for social and combat encounters, luring you back session after session. Within this enormous box, you’ll find a host of hidden treasures and a rich storybook to guide you through thrilling combat, dynamic character growth, and tales worthy of the name Vox Machina.

Syndicult – Q3 2021

Syndicult is an original modern magic roleplaying game designed by Matthew Mercer in which mob families jealously guard secrets and battle it out for power on the city streets. Featuring a simple storytelling dice mechanic, Syndicult is a low magic world where all bets are off.

Guardians of Matrimonia – Q4 2021

Fight the monsters, save the party! Guardians of Matrimonia is a cooperative card game where players have pre-built decks that are pitted against a deck of monsters (party crashers). If your deck runs out, everyone loses. But if you battle your way through the entire party crasher deck, everyone wins!

Darrington Press will also have a wholesale program as well with more information coming soon. For updates, please sign up for the Darrington Press newsletter at, and follow Darrington Press on social media:

Twitter: @DarringtonPress


About Critical Role

Critical Role is the most popular story-driven and worldbuilding digital media brand in the world. While it started off as a roleplaying game between a group of friends in 2012, Critical Role has since evolved into a multiplatform entertainment phenomenon that has branched out into a variety of shows and endeavors, including the flagship show Critical Role, comic books, animation, live performances, podcasts, fan art, graphic novels, philanthropy through Critical Role Foundation, original tabletop game publishing through Darrington Press and more. A passionate and engaged community tunes in each week to watch their favorite storytellers take on new adventures led by veteran voice actor Matthew Mercer and composed of other well-known voice actors Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Travis Willingham, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey and Liam O’Brien. Engrossed in the stories, characters and camaraderie, over half a million regular viewers watch every week and hundreds of thousands more per month continue to discover Critical Role for the first time. 

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