Bring the Lost Lands Alive in Aegis of Empires on Kickstarter

For eight years Greg Vaughan of Frog God Games pieced together the many books from both Frog God Games and the entire catalog of Necromancer Games into a single cohesive campaign setting—the Lost Lands. Finally with the World of the Lost Lands campaign setting forthcoming from Frog God Games to cohesively and decisively reveal the puzzle, Greg was able to rest…for about 10 minutes.
With his development work on the Lost Lands themselves completed, Greg has moved on to get to play in this playground he spent the better part of a decade working on. Now in a joint venture with Legendary Games and with the blessing of Frog God Games, Greg is releasing the first adventure path fully written for and set in the Lost Lands. With two continents and more than 10,000 years of history revealed, the Lost Lands are rife for exploration and Aegis of Empires aims to do just that.
Building off an extensive outline developed by Greg and bringing in the talents of Pathfinder regulars Alistair Rigg, Jeff Swank, Matt Goodall, Steven Helt, Tom Knauss, and Wizards of the Coast veteran, Anthony Pryor, Legendary Games will release the full six-adventure Aegis of Empires Adventure Path to explore the known and unknown history of a land far older than the many empires it has spawned and spanning eons and mysteries that few can appreciate. The endeavors and failures of fallen civilizations are the ties that bind the adventure path together as the player characters find themselves digging ever deeper into a hidden past and the horrors it conceals.

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