Thursday Update 1.0 – $32,076 raised for PPE from Project HOPE

Thursday Update 1.0 – $32,076 Raised for Project HOPE – James Ernest & Mike Selinker talk gaming and Patrick Rothfuss livestreams
Two Days To Go for Geeks 4 HOPE from Worldbuilders
Geeks Supporting Healthcare Workers Battling COVID-19
Geeks are doing great things and exceeding goals. So far, $32.076 has been raised for Project HOPE. Thursday will feature Patrick Rothfuss livestream and game designers James Ernest & Mike Selinker discussing (what else?) gaming.
Now through May 1, 2020 – Geeks 4 HOPE  focuses the power of geekery and fandom to provide personal protection equipment, training, and other support to health care workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. People can visit to watch the live streams and make donations.
The week features live-streamed interviews, discussions, performances, and more with authors, artists, and gamers hosted by the Worldbuilders staff. Donations are tax-deductible, and all proceeds will go to Project HOPE to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 for health care workers and in our communities.
Geeks 4 HOPE schedule
Questions Answered! Secrets Revealed! Stories! Adventure! The Founder of Worldbuilders and author of the KingKiller Chronicles shares his joy of gaming and more to help raise funds for Geeks4Hope!
More guests and performances will be announced during the week-long fundraiser.
“So… the world is burning. We’re all scared. Every day is a struggle… and for me a huge part of that struggle is wishing I could do more to help than simply isolate myself and hoard canned goods. And I know I’m not alone: so many of my friends and colleagues in the geek community feel the same way. We *all* want to help, and we don’t know how….” said Rothfuss. “So I’ve been working with Worldbuilders to find a way to help.”
“Something we can do *right now* to help support healthcare workers, flatten the curve, and keep people safe. And here’s what we’ve come up with: #geeks4hope.” added Rothfuss. “I’m excited to give our community a way to come together and provide support for the people who need it most in places where they’re fighting the hardest.”
People can follow Geeks 4 HOPE at and and see announcements on social media using the hashtag #geeks4hope; on Twitter; follow @worldbuilders and @WBMarket_; Facebook Worldbuilders and Worldbuilders Market, and Instagram Worldbuilders Market
Donations are tax-deductible, and all proceeds will go to Project HOPE to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 for health care workers and in our communities.
About Project HOPE
Project HOPE operates around the world wherever the need is greatest, working side-by-side with local health workers and addressing the greatest public health challenges to enable people to live their best lives. We respond to disasters and health crises, staying on in communities after the emergency subsides to help find durable solutions to epidemics and any other neglected health needs. For more information on Project HOPE and its response to the coronavirus outbreak, visit and follow @projecthopeorg.
Worldbuilders believes that people will always help others when given a chance, and their mission is to give everyone that chance. Worldbuilders, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, partners with established charities that might otherwise get overlooked by the geek community. The team reflects its audience of geeks, gamers, and book nerds, embodying the nonprofit’s motto of “Geeks Doing Good.” They also help fellow gamers and fans become part of their favorite stories through merchandise at Worldbuilders Market, where all the proceeds go towards supporting their mission. Over the past eleven years Worldbuilders–with the support of the community of awesome geeks–has raised more than $10 million for Heifer International.
Patrick Rothfuss is the bestselling author of The Kingkiller Chronicle. His first novel, The Name of the Wind, won the Quill Award and was a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. Its sequel, The Wise Man’s Fear, debuted at #1 on The New York Times bestseller chart and won the David Gemmell Legend Award. His novels have appeared on NPR’s Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Books list and Locus’ Best 21st Century Fantasy Novels list. Pat lives in Wisconsin, where he builds box forts with his children and runs Worldbuilders, a book-centered charity that has raised more than $10 million for Heifer International. He can be found at and on Twitter at @patrickrothfuss.

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