Review: Wizards of the Coast – Battle for Baldur’s Gate (Dungeon Mayhem)

Battle for Baldur’s Gate
Battle for Baldur’s Gate is an expansion pack for the Dungeon Mayhem card game, designed by Jordan Comar and Roscoe Wetlaufer and published by Wizards of the Coast.
By Aaron T. Huss

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Dungeon Mayhem is a small card game that plays quickly, but is a lot of fun. It doesn’t really have that much replayability, which makes it even more exciting to see its first expansion pack – Battle for Baldur’s Gate.

Battle for Baldur’s Gate is a small expansion pack, adding two new character decks to the card game. The first character is Minsc the ranger, who has a diminutive sidekick with him. He is a fighter-type character that specializes in allies and scouting. One of his abilities is to “draw a card from the top of each opponent’s deck” in order to steal what’s coming up. This may help you plan your next move, and of course gain interesting moves from others. His big damage ability is to add bonus damage to each card that already cause damage. That can be a pretty big move, especially if you can steal your opponent’s top card first and now they can’t recover from such an attack. Other than that, he’s kind of a combo character.

The second character is Jaheira the shapeshifting druid. This one I actually find to be much more exciting as it breaks away from the simple fighter or wizard style and adds some flair to your card deck. Jaheira has cards in her character deck that change depending on her current shape. When she shapeshifts into a bear or wolf, these cards gain different bonuses. This adds a different level of strategy compared to the other character decks beyond the basics as it means you can choose between offensive or defensive on the same cards depending on the chosen form.

I’m happy to see character expansions for Dungeon Mayhem, although I’d like to see more thematic ones. These ones are quite plain from a D&D class perspective. So far, I still enjoy playing it and now I have more characters to choose from!

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