Convention Report – Gen Con Day 2 #GenCon


Gen Con Day #2
By Aaron T. Huss

Today was a busy day for me as I was working at the Third Eye Games booth and talking to a handful of people interested in contributing to Savage Insider. None of this is particularly exciting for Roleplayers Chronicle, so I’ll just leave it at that.

When I hit the Exhibitors Hall this morning, I thought I was working at the booth immediately, but it turned out I wasn’t needed until 12:00. Because I wasn’t planning to do any interviews today, I instead wandered the hall observing what I saw. When you’re not determined to find a particular booth to speak to a particular person, it’s amazing what you find.

For starters, I noticed that at the Chaosium booth, they had an excellent looking endcap display of Sandy Peterson’s new Cthulhu Wars card game (I’ll have to correct that if I’m wrong about the exact name and if it’s just a card game). This looked quite interesting and I’m glad to see that Chaosium is marketing more than just Call of Cthulhu and Basic Roleplaying.

As I walked around I also found that the Kalijor RPG is available for purchase (see Paul Lell’s Designer’s Diary for more information here). I’m not quite sure if they’re sharing the booth with I think it was Geek Co (or something like that), or if they’re just able to sell their products there. I’m going to attempt getting an interview with Paul if I have the time tomorrow. I find his setting to be very interesting.

After walking around a bit and killing some time, I was able to hook up with Chris Birch of Modiphius Entertainment once again as he had to duck away yesterday for a meeting. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he decided to interview me about Gen Con and Savage Insider for his recently launched Podcast. Chris is an absolute great guy and incredibly easy to talk with, so it didn’t really surprise me that he’s exploring all types of media for Modiphius.

I continued to wander around and noticed publishers that I may add to my interview schedule including Harsh Realities and their new 6cess (or however they spell it) system and the large amount of inventory I saw at Frog God Games (including Razor Coast). I also happened upon the Posthuman Studios booth and am excited to see their booth has grown and they had lots of people checking out Eclipse Phase. I thought I spotted a demo table, but will have to double-check.

Exile Game Studio was running demos today of Hollow Earth Expedition and selling some really cool packages which included canvas maps and I think a bunch of other interesting accessories. I have a personal interest in more ways than one and will probably stand in for a demo tomorrow.

That’s about it for today. I did not attend the ENnie award ceremony as I instead went out to dinner with some potential writers interested in doing something for Savage Insider. We talked RPGs over beers and burgers at Scotty’s, and it was AWESOME. After all, this is one of reasons why I come to Gen Con as an industry professional – to make contacts, meet new people, network, and check-out all the new and great games I can find!

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