Guest Article: Attention Span Games – “The Journey of Big Eyes Small Brains”

“The Journey of Big Eyes Small Brains”
By Will Carson – Owner of Attention Span Games

Big Eyes Small Brains is the 3rd pocket RPG that Attention Span Games has had the joy to publish. It all got started a few years ago. Ron, the writer of the first two Pocket RPGs (DnDizzle: Dragons in the Hood, and Laser Metal) chose to opt out of writing our third game, as he enjoys anime, but does not know it with the same depth as he does Hip Hop, High Fantasy, Metal Music or Sci-fi.

I put a call out for anime writers, and at the Laser Metal release party I interviewed this guy I had never met before, LB. He knew more about anime than I could wrap my brain around and I offered him the spot. A few days later he accepted and we were on the road to creating BESB. 
Life, as it often does, got in the way and slowed progress to a crawl, until one day several months in LB asked if he could bring in a writing partner, Samantha Ferreira. I personally didn’t care if he wanted a co writer, so long as the project got completed and held up to the same level of in depth satire as the first two books.

Sam was a game changer. With her on board LB became super charged and ideas flew. It was exciting to watch the process, but admittedly I wasn’t watching closely enough and our standard 120 pocket sized pages shot well over 350 pages. Things had to be culled, but there was just so much world they had built that the culling was difficult. So like any right proper group of geeks, we culled as hard as we could, then decided, that getting it down to 318 pages was culled enough. Quite frankly, I’m amazed by our willpower.

That brings us to now. We have a Kickstarter running, things are looking good and we are excited to send the project to print in the next month or so.

Thank you for reading. We will have future posts by our writers, telling more about Big Eyes and why they love it. Keep up to date on our progress at

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