Super-powered FATE in the Daring Comics RPG Kickstarter

Daring Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their all-new Daring Comics RPG, powered by FATE.

Back the Kickstarter here.

DE-Daring-Comics-RPGThe Daring Comics Role-Playing Game Kickstarter is now live!

Heroes battle villains through the streets and skies. From megalomaniacs who dream of ruling the world, to dictators who wish to shape the future course of humanity, only the heroes stand in their way.

Heroes like you!

With the Daring Comics Role-Playing Game, bring your own comic book stories to life using the popular Fate system— built on the foundations of Fate Core, Fate Toolkit, and Fate 3.0. The game has been in development for over 2-years, and has been repeatedly play tested by numerous gaming groups. Originally built on the Fate 3.0 version, we then made additional adjustments to keep it current with the most recent Core version.

The game comes with over 100 pre-built powers, and over 100 Special Effects and Limits to customize each power. But we didn’t stop there, just as you can expect to see rules for building your own Stunts, we also provide you with the rules for building your own powers, special effects, and limits using the same basic Fate rules.

A full role-playing game with tons of support in the pipe. Jump on over to the Kickstarter, and even if you can’t back it, help spread the word!

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