Mercenary Breed’s Sci-Fi Playground is Coming to Legend!

SHAKOPEE, MN FEBRUARY 12, 2014 – Mystical Throne Entertainment is pleased to announce that its Mercenary Breed 2.0 project will also be released in a Legend-compatible version.

The Legend edition will not be a simple translation from the Savage Worlds edition, it will contain all the necessary mechanics for sci-fi action and adventure settings and campaigns within the context of Legend. This includes skills, xeno templates (Legend backgrounds), professions, combat maneuvers, armor, weapons, and mechanics for accommodating sci-fi equipment.

The Legend-compatible Mercenary Breed will exhibit the same 3-book development consisting of the Mercenary’s Handbook, Galaxy Guide, and Xenopedia. Using this format in conjunction with the OGL means other third party publishers may have the opportunity to use those mechanics within their own sci-fi products. It also means GMs can use the Xenopedia within any setting or campaign they create or purchase elsewhere.

“As a fan of Legend, and its previous incarnation of RuneQuest II, I find this to be an excellent opportunity to present the d100 OGL market with a solid sci-fi setting and toolbox,” said Mystical Throne Entertainment president Aaron T. Huss. “The base Legend system, although designed for fantasy, can be leveraged quite easily to create a sci-fi setting. There are few changes that need to be made outside of accommodating high-technology equipment. This also opens up the Legend market to more sci-fi products.”

The release of Mercenary Breed as a Legend-compatible product is part of Mystical Throne Entertainment’s new development schedule which will also include new Savage Worlds and Legend-compatible versions of their other settings including Ancient World and Judgment Day.

Mercenary Breed 2.0, Legend edition, is due for release in Summer 2014. Leading up to its release, Mystical Throne Entertainment will be looking for playtesters for the new sci-fi mechanics. Those who participate and provide feedback will get a free copy of all the final PDFs.


Mystical Throne Entertainment is the publishing and creative outlet for Aaron T. Huss. He currently holds licenses for Savage Worlds and Colonial Gothic and is a third party publisher for Legend.

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