Aspects of Fantasy D20/FATE Kickstarter

IDD Inc. is wrapping up their Kickstarter for Aspects of Fantasy, a D20 and FATE fantasy RPG.

Back the Kickstarter here.

Aspects-of-FantasyAspects of Fantasy is a fantasy roleplaying game that takes two open-source roleplaying systems, the familiar D20 rules system and popular Fate system, and melds them to create a unique fantasy roleplaying experience. Aspects of Fantasy is not just a concept looking for funding. A beta-version of the game is has been completed with quite a bit of playtesting. If you back at the Candidate level or greater you will get the beta digital version of the game emailed to you within 24 hours of the Kickstarter ending (assuming it funds).

So why put the game on Kickstarter? A couple of reasons:

  • Aspects of Fantasy is illustrated but most of the illustrations are stock art. While we like the art that is currently used in the game, we would like to raise funds for unique artwork, including a professionally rendered cover.
  • While we feel that Aspects of Fantasy is already written in a clear and concise manner, any product that is being published should have a professional editor read over it. Hence, we would like to hire someone to edit the game.

In addition, Kickstarter provides a way for us to send backers a copy of the game and get their feedback. Not only will we listen to backers’ opinions and ideas, we will be actively soliciting those opinions and ideas throughout the publishing process.

So why yet another fantasy rpg? What are we trying to accomplish?

Aspects of Fantasy is derived from our experiences with D20. While we have been fans of D20 since its inception, there were a number of issues that caused us to move away from the D20 system. At the same time, we began experimenting and playing games that could be described as innovative and/or “new style”, including Fate. We quickly realized that many of our issues with D20 could be resolved using concepts from some of these new style games, especially Fate.

Conversely, while we like a lot of the concepts and ideas in the ‘new style’ systems that are out there, we are not necessarily enamored with the narrative style of play many of these games emphasize. We simply like a little more structure and crunch in our rules systems.

With this in mind, we began bringing in concepts from these ‘new style’ games that we liked and applied them to D20. We also added our own rules that are unique to the system. The final version of the game is what has become Aspects of Fantasy.

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