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Tabletop Towns’ Julian Hicks has launched a second project via Kickstarter, Tabletop Castles was launched on the 3rd of September and finishes on the 6th of October, it is, at the time of writing, 85% funded having raised £3391 of its £3950 target.

Back the Kickstarter here.

The range of Towers and walls available are fold flat easy store easy to put up cardboard boxes, they are litho printed die cut and creased and matt laminated, they require no scalpel, scissors or glue. And the boxes are strong – using 400gsm art card a single wall box will support a 2Kilo sugar bag!

DSCF0767 DSCF0829 DSCF0739

Additionally there are a set of plasticard doors, windows, trapdoors and gates, and some beautiful cast resin doors and gates as an add on, as well as a limited edition Skeletal Dragon in resin and numbered on the base.

Reward Tiers Rewards

I have been a tabletop gamer for over 30 years and I felt there was a space in the market for easy to use pre-painted scenery that did not require either – huge storage space or many hundreds of pounds to fill your gaming table.

I’ve designed these buildings to work happily with 28 to 35 mm miniatures and to support a wide range of games from AD&D through Pathfinder, Warhammer and most skirmish games using this scale figures.

While the campaign is running the sooner you get in the more extra doors you get, each week gives a new additional door type, these apply from the Keep level tier upwards!

In the first of these, those who are eligible of the 65 backers will each receive 2 Stable doors, the current one is for Prison doors others will be revealed as we progress.

Stable door Steampunk prison door magic portal

In addition to the early backer focused promotion, we have a range of stretch goals on total raised and the number of backers…these stretch goals will be available to everyone who has pledged at the keep level or above.

Stretch goals

Stretch Well Pool watermarked prison pit Fire Pit - watermarked


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