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Floorplan Tiles
Floorplan Tiles is a collection of battlemap tiles in a fantasy and historical style with cartography by Simon Powell and published by DramaScape.
By Aaron T. Huss

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Floorplan Tiles is a collection of battlemap tiles of various shapes and sizes usable for constructing a castle or palace. Although it claims to be usable for creating a dungeon, the style and texture of the tiles is more akin to what you would find in a castle where things are clean-cut and designed to be shown off. The collection is quite vast and the tiles vary greatly in purpose from a square room to a stone walkway over moving water.


Floorplan Tiles is designed for maximum flexibility and positioning by only creating hallways when necessary but allowing the tiles to overlap in a way that the hallway can cut directly into the wall of the adjacent tile to form a new doorway. This means that more tiles can be created without worrying about creating separate ones for 1-doorway or 2-doorway rooms. Additionally, the doors are designed as actual tiles that can be laid atop the walls to present a doorway to an adjoining tile. The end result is a lot of tiles with specific purposes (such as the kitchen or private chambers) next to a lot of tiles that can be virtually anything using overlapping tile and included doorways.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
Floorplan Tiles is an excellent collection of battlemap tiles with lots of flexibility. Some space could have been saved by not including so many replica hallways, but there are still a lot of different rooms and tiles that allow for a maximum amount of flexibility within the design of the finished product. Additionally, there are a lot of scenery accessories including doors, lighting, traps, and drains allowing you to finish off those empty rooms with your own design.

Visual Appeal: 8 out of 10
The floors and every little accessory look fantastic. I like the use of colors and the jumbled desk in the chamber room looks very cool. I don’t particularly care for the walls as they look a little flat and look too much like the floor. However, if you are building a multi-level castle, this is a great set of tiles to use to demonstrate how wealthy a castle should appear.

Desire to Use: 9 out of 10
Floorplan Tiles is designed for construction of castles, palaces, dungeons, and villages according to the description. The texture of the floor and the walls are not conducive to that of a dungeon. They’re more like a basement would be if it was truly an extension of the castle above. This is due to the smooth, marble-like effect of the textures on the tiles. With that in mind, this rating is based on using the tiles as what they appear to be designed for: castles and grand palaces. You wouldn’t want your castle battlemap to look rough would you? So go in style with these tiles and show off how a true king would construct his abode.

Overall: 9 out of 10
Floorplan Tiles is an excellent collection of tiles for constructing the home of nobility or royalty (or whoever runs the land). There are tiles for many types of rooms in a medieval style including a vast kitchen with heaps of meat on the butchers table. These tiles are truly a work of art and can be a great centerpiece to any fantasy adventure.

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