Review: Scrying Eye Games – Type M Subsidized Merchant (Traveller)

Type M Subsidized Merchant
Type “M” Subsidized Merchant is a spaceship battlemap for use with Traveller and compatible systems published by Scrying Eye Games and cartography by James Miller.
By Aaron T. Huss

Type “M” Subsidized Merchant is the second spaceship battlemap from Scrying Eye Games’ new series Scrying Eye Shipyard and is compatible with the Traveller system. It is a very simple spaceship, and yet so perfect for its intended uses. Sometimes simplicity and ease-of-use easily overshadow complication and excessive use of detail.

There are two levels to this merchant ship, which make it versatile enough for several types of in-game uses. The lower level is dedicated to a very large cargo hold along with engines, fuel, and other utility-type things. Yes the cargo hold is just a large open area, but the engines and maneuvering drives are not. These are beautifully detailed and even include crew stations adding to the realism. There appears to be three doors into the hold; one in the rear and one on each side.

The top level is dedicated to staterooms and the bridge along with various other things (including weapons turrets on each side should defense be necessary). While the regular crew staterooms are included, there is a good number of “guest” staterooms should one need to ride with their cargo or the passengers are essentially the cargo. These rooms are fairly cut-and-paste but contain the details necessary to understand their purpose. There is also a cryogenic hold for those who plan on traveling very long distances.

Topping this off is a simple detail that makes it all perfect: the roof. The battlemap includes a decorated roof to finalize that bit of realism.


This series of spaceship battlemaps from Scrying Eye Games is perfect for the sci-fi game system that utilizes a standard 1″ x 1″ grid (or 25mm) (and even those that don’t use minis). Yes it’s simple, but can yield many possibilities. Especially for character’s looking to find a ride across the galaxy.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
Type “M” Subsidized Merchant has the same great layout and presentation as the Type “S” spaceship. The cargo hold and floor of the upper-level are essentially grids on their own so the 1″ x 1″ grid is overlaid perfectly. In addition, it is centered properly within the publication (considering page breaks) making the individual pages very easy to understand.

Visual Appeal: 10 out of 10
As stated, the spaceship is quite simple and uses a lot of cut-and-paste effects with the staterooms and the abundance of chairs and work spaces. However, they all fit together perfectly, there aren’t too much or too little, and contain just the right amount of details to be useful and easy to understand. And if you don’t quite understand something, there is an overview page with a designation for every room.

Desire to Use: 9 out of 10
As a merchant ship or any type of spaceship dedicated to transporting goods and/or people, Type “M” Subsidized Merchant is a perfect fit, or at least a very favorable one. However, it has very little use outside of this and lacks the stopping power should it be caught in a battle (it’s a transportation ship, it doesn’t need firepower). It’s versatile but limited in its use. Should you find yourself needing this type of spaceship, I definitely recommend it.

Overall: 10 out of 10
As a merchant-class, transportation-oriented spaceship, Type “M” Subsidized Merchant is perfect! It has plenty of space to hold your cargo, plenty of space to hold your personnel, a good looking bridge and crew stations, and there’s even a pair of guns should a small amount of trouble arise.

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