Pre-Order The Heart of Europe Today!

Take the battle to Prague in The Heart of Europe, the newest expansion for Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals! The Heart of Europe is a must-have for any Rivals fan! Unlike previous expansions, The Heart of Europe does not add new clans to the game. Instead, it contains cards to expand all ten existing clans, as well as a new city deck, set in historic Prague! New Vampires, Agendas, Havens, and more will...

Engage! New Adventures, Dice, and Accessories Available for the Star Trek Adventures Tabletop Role-playing Game

Are you ready to explore strange new worlds on your dining room table? Today, Modiphius Entertainment is hailing fans to let them know that there are several new releases for the Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG. Previously only available in the Tricorder Collector’s Special Edition Boxed Set, these new campaign books, dice, and rulebooks are now available for individual purchase at