Introducing Tabletop Mirror, A New Homebrew & VTT Solution, Coming Soon to Backerkit

Part campaign manager, part worldbuilding platform, and part virtual tabletop, Tabletop Mirror is a one-stop shop for game masters looking to truly bring their games to life. Since launching in open beta just three months ago, over 1,000 users have signed up and started using the platform. The team is now launching a crowdfunding campaign to take the next steps in offering better support for the platform and to fully launch V1.0 to the public.
Tabletop Mirror was conceived and created by homebrew GM and engineer Varun Singh to manage his own home game universe. What started as a tool to manage and track the growth of his own game quickly turned into a resource Varun wanted to share with others. Tabletop Mirror combines a powerful mechanics editor with an item, spell, and feature wiki, a robust lore management system, custom timekeeping and calendar tools, a graphical mapmaking interface, campaign management resources, and community tools, with more features in the roadmap.
As part of moving Tabletop Mirror out of open beta and opening it up to the public, they are launching a Backerkit campaign to fund server costs and the continued roadmap of the platform, which mostly recently included the launch of a full virtual tabletop solution that fully integrates users homebrew rules and customized character sheets. The crowdfunding campaign will launch on June 18, 2024, and aims to raise just $2,500, though TTM has a number of impressive stretch goals ready to reveal to the public once it reaches funding, including new features and increased support for the free user tier of the platform.
About Tabletop Mirror
The premier TTRPG homebrew platform – Tabletop Mirror is a one-stop shop for TTRPG homebrew tools. Design and play entirely new TTRPGs, build robust worlds for your home games, and connect with your community – sharing your lore, worldbuilding, homebrew, and other creations! TTM gives you all the tools you need to bring your worlds to life, completely customizable, easy-to-use, and with no coding required to bring your stories onto the platform and your game nights to life!
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