Dreams & Machines Core RPG is Now Available in the UK and Through the Modiphius Web Store

Modiphius Entertainment is proud to announce that the Dreams & Machines Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide, and GM’s Toolkit are now available for purchase on the Modiphius webstore and at select retailers in the UK!

Dreams & Machines tells the story of Evera Prime through the unique 2d20 game system that allows for moments of social delight and intense encounters. The Player’s Guide will provide detailed rules and explanations for navigating the intriguing yet dangerous world of Evera Prime created by Modiphius. Gamemasters can also delve into the Gamemaster’s Guide and Toolkit to find inspiration for a majestic set-piece, a horrifying robotic boss fight, or maybe a combination of both.

Dreams and Machines is set on Evera Prime, a far-flung planet cut off from Earth, left in ruins after a war with destructive mechs now known as Wakers. The Wakers lay dormant while humanity scavenges the remnants of incredibly advanced technology to forge a new life. Factions like the Archivists, Dreamers, and Spears have formed, each rebuilding the world in their own way, growing and trading what they can with different Everan communities. But in the shadows, a malevolent corrupted AI known only as the Builder plots against humanity…

The Dreams & Machines Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide, and GM’s Toolkit can now be ordered on Modiphius’ web store and in retailers in the UK. North American retailers will have stock available in mid-December.

Stay tuned for updates by following Modiphius Entertainment on Facebook, (X) TwitterYouTube, and the official website at modiphius.net.

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