Cohors Cthulhu: Adventure Wargaming in the Hidden War

Based on the CLASH of Spears miniatures game by Alvaro and Francisco Erize, Cohors Cthulhu Adventure Wargaming in the Hidden War will launch in the Spring of 2024 

This project is a collaboration between Modiphius co-founder Chris Birch and CLASH of Spears creators Alvaro and Francisco (voted Best Game Wargames Illustrated 2020). Chris approached the brothers to utilise the CLASH of Spears mechanics to create a solo and co-op adventure wargame set in the Roman empire but where the legionaries and tribes must contend with cosmic forces, eldritch horrors and former allies twisted to serve the outer gods.

This is a completely new core rule book. The CLASH of Spears rules have been stripped back to the bare essentials and meshed with an innovative new AI and narrative engine to power your stories on the battlefield. Designed for solo and co-op play, the rules have been written to get you playing from the moment you open the book. Players create their heroes and see them evolve as they follow a planned storyline and procedural campaign led by player choices unfolding as they play.

Starting with a lone soldier fleeing a terrifying ambush, you will lead a growing force of Roman legionaries, Tribal warriors and heroes from across the empire in a series of hidden wars against the armies of the scheming evil Outer gods. They have influenced and corrupted Germanic tribes, ancient Atlanteans and foul cults to fight against you and summon terrifying mythos creatures to fight by their side.

The game represents the skirmishes and battles the Roman Empire initially fought in the Germania region but will later expand to other regions and forces. The launch release will include 28mm scale high quality resin miniatures and STL files with print-on-demand options compatible with other well-known historical ranges. The miniatures will cover heroes from across the Empire, The Cult of Mormo, the cosmic horrors they have summoned, and the powerful Herjan’s Horde. Popular mythos races like the Deep Ones and MiGo will feature alongside giant creatures such as the Sheehad from the Cohors Cthulhu and Achtung! Cthulhu settings.

The capricious Elder gods sometimes intervene in your battles, represented by the familiar pantheon of gods. Maeren, an ancient descendant of a powerful galaxy-spanning race, the Hyperboreans, seeks to shore up the Roman empire and may bestow heroes with powerful magic-like artefacts or provide help when it’s most needed, Atlantean survivors with powerful technologies may help you hunt the enemies of their people. Still, the might of the Roman Legions and the bravery of the tribes and civilisations on the edges of the empire may be all that stands between this world and its destruction.

Cohors Cthulhu has launched as a tabletop RPG on Kickstarter. It includes a host of physical and STL miniatures to support the roleplaying game, which will also feature in the miniatures game. The Kickstarter runs 8pm UK GMT on 29th October. The miniatures game will include rules for bringing your RPG character into the wargame setting.

Modiphius is recruiting legionaries for the Beta Test and you can sign up for this and news of Cohors Cthulhu – Adventure Wargaming in the Hidden War here: 

Founded by the Erize brothers, Fighting Hedgehog is an independent publishing house that specializes in tactical miniature-based tabletop games. Founded in 2019 FH has already published the award winning CLASH of Spears and its acclaimed expansions Rise of Eagles and CLASH of Katanas.

CLASH of Spears is a fast paced but cunningly tactical historical wargame set in the pivotal wars between Rome and Carthage in the 3rd century BC. This skirmish level ruleset pits bands of 30 to 50 men and women over two hours of hectic combat.

Chosen as Best Game of 2020 by Wargames Illustrated, CLASH of Spears has garnered a strong and involved following of wargamers counting multiple tournaments across the globe and a sustained influx of additions like list calculators, tabletop simulator modules and scenario expansions setting the foundation for a powerful battle system that will expand in scope and depth to many worlds!

Cohors Cthulhu is a transmedia property from creator Chris Birch, co-founder and CCO of Modiphius Entertainment a UK-based tabletop games publishing company. The world explores a Hidden War fought across the Roman Empire in the 2nd Century CE as Lovecraftian outer gods attempt to corrupt and bring down civilization. Set against them is an immortal high priest of the ancient Hyperboreans who has vowed to defeat them and their cults on Earth, recruiting heroes to help her in the battles. Cohors Cthulhu is based in the same universe as Modiphius’s first IP, Achtung! Cthulhu, which is set during the events of World War Two, and has seen a tabletop RPG, board game, video game, novel and audio drama based on the universe.

Cohors Cthulhu is a Lovecraftian horror against a backdrop of epic heroism, intrigue, and strife during the height of the early Roman Empire. Amid a war-torn and fractious world in which Roman legionaries bent on conquest face off against barbarian warriors protecting their tribes, players take on the roles of diverse heroes from regions across the empire.

Nyarlathotep, the God of a Thousand Forms, has unleashed myriad schemes across Rome, Germania, and beyond. In the shadows lurk powerful, corrupted survivors of Atlantis, their minds twisted by Sarthothus, the Shattered God. Nightmarish creatures and ancient beings of incalculable power stalk the periphery of civilization, seeking living things upon which to feast… or worse. 

There is a reason why humanity is coveted by entities that can swallow entire stars: their limitless potential threatens even the gods. It falls to the heroes to achieve that potential. The stories of this era will take their place among humanity’s most epic tales. What part will your heroes play in them?

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