Journey Across the Stars in the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game!

A Sourcebook Packed with a Universe of Villains, Equipment, and More

Across the Stars gives your Power Rangers Roleplaying Game stories all you need for space travel and to face-off against foes from the Machine Empire, Troobian Empire, Pirate Queen Divatox’s marauders, and the forces of the United Alliance of Evil!

Rangers can expect to foil the schemes of classic villains like Astronema, General Automon, Scorpius, and even Dark Specter himself! Pre-order and get the PDF version FREE!


  • Explore mysterious planets as one of three new advanced Roles: team defending Gold, Grid-bending Silver, and time-hopping Phantom Ranger.
  • Create characters beyond Earth, with options for Rangers from Aquitar, Sirius, Triforia, and other planets.
  • Gear up with new interstellar Zords, vehicles, equipment, perks, and powers like the heroes of Power Rangers Turbo, In Space, Space Patrol Delta, Lost Galaxy, and more.
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