Modiphius’ Fallout Friday Adds New Miniatures and 3D Printing Options

Take caution as you explore the desolate wastelands of the Commonwealth as Modiphius Entertainment today releases several new miniature sets, and one 3D print at home set for their popular tactical tabletop game: Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Dive into “The Deep” to uncover mysteries hidden beneath the surface, or add an array of grotesque horrors, including Bloatflies and Radstags to your already burgeoning collection of radiated creatures.

The Deep: Print at Home Set (Digital STL files)

There are unseen forces deep beneath our feet, in networks of tunnels far below the surface. There are many paths, some are flooded and impassable to those without the means to dive deeper, but the remains of an unlucky seeker might show you the way. Deeper still, clusters of bioluminescent flora illuminate hidden realities and strange entities beyond our comprehension. Welcome to The Deep!

This 3D print-at-home product lets you print six terrain pieces to create immersive scenes and elevate your tabletop. Use these pieces as evocative scatter or mysterious objective markers in your next foray into the Wasteland!


  • Flora Cluster 1-3
  • Lost Diver
  • The Interloper
  • The Visitor

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Note that this is a digital STL product ONLY for 3D printing and not a physical product. Requires a 3D printer and knowledge of 3D printing to use.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures – Creatures: Bloatflies

Hideous mutated forms of common modern flies, Bloatflies will attack from afar, peppering their target with spines from their abdomen, only flying close to allow their larvae to feed on living prey. These predators remind us that the Great War changed everything about the world we know.


  • Glowing Bloatfly (x1)
  • Bloatflies (x2)

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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures – Creatures: Centaurs 

In myth, centaurs were wise, noble creatures, half man and half horse. These beasts are far from that grand legend. Constructed of both human and canine DNA, these freakish monsters were created by the Master as part of his fevered attempt to breed a new species of humanity in order to end all conflict.


  • Centaurs (x2)

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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Miniatures – Creatures: Radstag Herd

Once ordinary deer, the Radstags grazed in what would become the Commonwealth. However, The Great War mutated and twisted these animals, giving them second heads, a multitude of limbs, and pus-filled radioactive cysts. They are relatively docile animals, but can be vicious when threatened.


  • Radstag (x3)

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