Ain’t Slayed Nobody Joins Rusty Quill Network

Houston, TX, October 10, 2022 — ENnie Gold winning actual play podcast Ain’t Slayed Nobody joined the Rusty Quill Network, an independent network for audio drama, fiction and tabletop podcasts. The network distributes many fan favorites including Old Gods of Appalachia, We’re Alive, and Malevolent. Ain’t Slayed Nobody launched in January 2020 with Y’all of Cthulhu, a 21-episode inaugural campaign in Chaosium’s lauded Call of Cthulhu system. The show has drawn thousands of listeners and subscribers from all over the world.

Season 1, Y’all of Cthulhu: In the whistling desert winds, a man is hanged and the age-old story of revenge beings. Deputy sheriff Ellie Bishop takes it upon herself to pursue her father’s suspected killer, Colin Brock. She convinces her motley crew—a grizzled miner, a sinful priest, a mysterious drifter, and a wayward gunslinger—to travel down darker trails and find the blighted town of Olvido. The heroes must stand against the sinister Brock gang and bring their fetid cosmic horrors to justice.

Season 2, Bleeker Trails: Roll up! Roll up! Ain’t Slayed Nobody’s second season is well underway. Based on an original campaign by award-winning author Graeme Patrick, Bleeker’s Marvelous Medicine Show performs extraordinary acts starring a genderfluid gunslinger, burlesque acrobat, bookworm strongman, stage hypnotist, hapless beast man, and oh so many more. Under it all, the true purpose of the troupe is revealed, as they are hired to seek out oddities along the dusty paths of their traveling wagon. The horrors are out there and something is behind all of this strangeness.

Short Series Collection: An anthology of one-shot actual plays which will see you taken from the foreboding ancient woods of Appalachia to the barren alien hellscapes of what might be Penge. Laugh, cry, and feel the dread build with each and every step as you wonder what exactly that accent is meant to be.

Game master or “Keeper of Arcane Lore” cuppycup hosts the game and produces the series with professional sound design, bringing the world alive with a unique feel of friends around the table blended with radio drama. “Role-playing games were a missing part of my life, but I never knew that until Ain’t Slayed Nobody. I’ve learned so much from our cast and community in running this show, and I consider this to be one of the most rewarding phases of my life. The show helped many of us get through a pandemic and connect socially during tough times.” – cuppycup

Along with ASN’s subscribers who have made over 600K unique downloads, the podcast has built a devoted community across other platforms, namely Discord and Patreon, which gives listeners the opportunity to connect with cast members, discuss the show and access standalone episodes with the cast and special guests. Scott Dorward, who has written for Chaosium, runs a World War Cthulhu: London campaign for the “Patreon Posse” and has contributed to several Ain’t Slayed Nobody actual play scenarios.

For Halloween, Ain’t Slayed Nobody is publishing its own take on “The Dare” by Sentinel Hill Press throughout October. Talented role players Becca Scott, Ross Bryant and Scott Dorward portray middle-schoolers trapped in a haunted house. What could go wrong?

The show is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and most available podcast apps. The show’s website is


Our ENnie and AudioVerse award-winning podcast was founded by cuppycup in 2019.
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