September 31, 2022 (REDMOND, Wash.) – Paizo Inc., publisher of the Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying games, announced new products are available now at game and book sellers worldwide, and the Paizo Store at paizo.com.

This month’s new releases include abundant new lore, new adventures of varying lengths, new rules sprinkled throughout, established content that has been repackaged in more convenient or collectable formats, and a new set of Flip-Tiles can be used for a wide variety of tabletop RPGs!

The Pathfinder Lost Omens: Travel Guide is part of the: Pathfinder Lost Omens Subscription. This handy book presents the highlights of the Inner Sea region to help any and all curious travelers plan where to go and what to see. Gain local insights related to the most extravagant festivals, the greatest hits of a storied theater scene, and the delicacies of fine restaurants. Discover notable athletes featured in upcoming sports competitions or the latest trends in fashion essential for dazzling onlookers at balls. Explore the vast, rich variety the Inner Sea has to offer! It is also available on Hero Lab and Pathfinder Nexus.

Gear up with Starfinder Armory Pocket Edition. It’s a dangerous universe out there, and often the difference between survival and being the next meal for an angry ksarik is having the right equipment. From guns and augmentations to high-tech and magical devices for every imaginable situation, Starfinder Armory is your guide to everything you need, whether you’re a frontline fighter, stealthy spy, or scholarly spellcaster. Inside this book you’ll find the following:

  • Scores of new weapons, filling out the options for weapons of every category, level, and type as well as rules to customize your weapons through weapon accessories, weapon fusions, and different weapon manufacturers.
  • New suits of armor, including light, heavy, and powered armor for nearly every level and numerous armor upgrades.
  • A wide range of new equipment-themed player options, including class features for every class!
  • Dozens of new pieces of technological, magic, and hybrid items, as well as numerous personal items, new augmentations from cybernetics to magitech and necrografts, and more!

The pocket edition presents the same contents in a smaller sized softcover for a lower price and better portability.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Character Guide Special Edition is part of the: Pathfinder Lost Omens Special Edition Subscription.

An adventurer’s life can be difficult, but long journeys and heavy burdens are easier when you have company. This guide to the world of Pathfinder presents the people and organizations that can help—or hinder—heroes like you!

The Pathfinder Lost Omens Character Guide features new heritages and feats for existing ancestries, as well as three brand-new ancestries for unusual heroes forging a place for themselves in an uncertain age. Join five of Golarion’s most influential organizations, fight alongside the rank-and-file members provided in these pages, or clash against them in pursuit of your own passions and goals!

This deluxe special edition is bound in faux leather with metallic deboss cover elements and a bound-in ribbon bookmark.

It is also available on Roll20 virtual tabletop.

Starfinder Adventure Path #47: Nightmare Scenario (Drift Crashers 2 of 3) is part of the: Starfinder Adventure Path Subscription.

Desna, goddess of dreams, chooses the crew of the Primoratato help save victims of the Drift Crash. Soon they’re rescuing a solarian cosmonastery from a black hole and locating a family of explorers lost along the River of Souls. Though Desna might welcome them to Cynosure, her personal home inside a star, the crew quickly discovers their enemies have followed them and now threaten the deity’s very realm!

This Starfinder Adventure Path volume continues the Drift Crashers Adventure Path and includes:

  • “Nightmare Scenario,” a Starfinder adventure for 3rd-level characters, by Jenny Jarzabski.
  • A look at the Church of Desna—the goddess of dreams, luck, and the stars—including options for characters who worship her, by Jenny Jarzabski and Isabelle Thorne.
  • A toolbox featuring a tour of Cynosure—the gossamer realm of Desna—a handful of strange and delightful creatures, and a pleasure world under threat, by Joseph Blomquist, Sasha Laranoa Harving, Jenny Jarzabski, and Quinn Murphy.
  • Statistics and deck plans for Curiosity, a scientific vessel refitted and crewed by the inquisitive Wise family, by Jenny Jarzabski.

Pathfinder Adventure Path #182: Graveclaw (Blood Lords 2 of 6) is part of the: Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription.

The troubleshooters must seek out the hag coven pulling the strings of a poisonous plot. From shadowed forests to undersea communities, between rusted-out factories and university lecture halls, the characters must investigate trails of misery and fear—or end up stewing in a hag’s cauldron!

The Blood Lords Adventure Path continues with “Graveclaw,” a complete adventure for 4th- to 7th-level characters. The adventure continues the Blood Lords Adventure Path, a six-part monthly campaign in which the characters rise from skilled troubleshooters to join the Blood Lords who rule a nation of the dead. The adventure also includes an article exposing the secrets of hag covens and plenty of new rules for fighting against hags. New spells and new items complete the witch’s brew in the coven’s cookpot!

Graveclaw is also available on Foundry VTT and Pathfinder Nexus.

In Pathfinder Bounty #20: Burden in Bloodcove, a member of the Aspis Consortium is tasked with inspecting all incoming shipments to the port of Bloodcove. The job is too much for one person and she calls in skilled adventurers to assist with the inspections. Of course, not all is as it seems, and the Consortium’s many enemies have snuck dangers into several of the incoming shipments. It’s up to the hired help to figure out what’s good for transport and what needs a more ‘thorough’ inspection.

Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Villain Lairs Set is part of the: Pathfinder Maps Subscription.

You can’t be a proper villain without a memorable lair to populate with monstrous minions and devious traps! Next time your players confront their latest nemesis, you won’t have to draw out a villain’s entire den. Pathfinder Flip-Tiles: Villain Lairs Starter Set provides beautifully illustrated 6″ × 6″ map tiles that can be used to construct all manner of sinister strongholds. Inside, you’ll find 42 richly crafted double-sided map tiles and six tabbed dividers to keep them organized. This starter set is only the first step; Flip-Tiles expansion sets allow you to expand your lairs in size and scope with nearly endless variety. So, stop your sketching and start your flipping today! The Villain Lairs Starter Set includes:

  • Wilderness forts
  • Underground retreats
  • Sinister towers
  • Remote ruins
  • Dungeon dens
  • Hidden waterways

Want your favorite local game store to host Organized Play events? Ask them to register their store to receive free digital copies of each for each Organized Play option they select!

Pathfinder Society Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder, part of the Pathfinder Society Subscription the Pathfinder Society’s vaults have suddenly received a huge treasure trove of precious items from around the world and beyond. Much remains mysterious about these objects, from their origins to the reason the trove’s original owner was so desperate to be rid of it. A group of novice agents has the opportunity to explore the troves’ wonders for themselves, but not all is as it seems. After being drawn into an otherworldly realm, they must use their wits and fight to escape with their lives!

Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder is the introduction to the plot of the Year of Boundless Wonder. This scenario presents treasures, characters, and themes that will feature in Year 4’s metaplot, and so it is is a natural starting point for players looking to jump into the action.

In Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-02: Return to the Grave , part of the Pathfinder Society Subscription, following the desolation of Lastwall at the hands of the Whispering Tyrant, untold horrors wander the woods and roads of the region now known as the Gravelands. Many small refugee settlements are scattered throughout the area, their citizens either helplessly trapped behind enemy lines, or stubbornly hoping they won’t be noticed by Tar-Baphon’s undead armies.

One such settlement became a new home for a Pathfinder agent—a dedicated member of the Radiant Oath faction—who had been traveling in Lastwall when the nation fell. The agent decided to help those in need rather than flee the Gravelands, and they’ve managed to keep the settlement protected… so far.

Now with the settlement burgeoning with refugees and the Whispering Tyrant’s forces drawing near, the agent has made a desperate attempt to reach a Pathfinder lodge in Ustalav. They barely made it out alive—and now they’re asking for agents to return to the Gravelands and aid their stranded friends!

In Pathfinder Society Scenario #4-03: Linnorm’s Legacy, part of the Pathfinder Society Subscription, King Estrid of the Ironbound Islands has put out a call for Pathfinders to explore the Island of the Ancestors, but first the Society must earn her approval. Gorm Greathammer, a prince, warrior, and leader of the Grand Archive faction, has traveled to Halgrim to meet with King Estrid—and her crag linnorm companion, Boiltongue—and forge a new alliance for the Society. Talks have been going well, but the arrival of Boiltongue’s children in the city has thrown everything into chaos! Gorm senses the negotiations are about to collapse and sends for a team of Pathfinders to help keep an eye on Boiltongue’s children while he wraps up talks with King Estrid. Babysitting five rambunctious linnorm siblings is about as easy as it sounds (which is to say, not at all), and the Pathfinders are about to have their hands full!

In Starfinder Society Scenario #5-06: Tarnished Legacy: Historia’s Holdout, part of the Starfinder Society Subscription, player will find that for months the Starfinder Society has sifted through the wreckage of Histora-Prime’s life, working to put an end to any of Historia-Prime’s remaining schemes and make reparations for his many crimes. When Celita discovers record of a hidden complex on Absalom Station owned by Historia-Prime, she and Ixthia dispatch a team of Starfinders to investigate the complex, uncover its purpose, and shut the site down for good. What lies within Historia-Prime’s final holdout? Can any good come from the tarnished legacy Historia-Prime has left behind?

This is the first scenario in the two-part Tarnished Legacy story arc. The second scenario is Starfinder Society Scenario #5-08: Tarnished Legacy: Star Sugar Superstar!!!

In Starfinder Society Scenario #5-07: Planar Bloom, part of the Starfinder Society Subscription, unstable planar matter ejected from the Drift has collided with Akiton’s wastes, causing regional destruction and rapid biological mutations. Yet from this collision sprouts opportunity, as the planar collision terraforms Great Gwaz into a lush, jungle paradise. At the request of famed Akitonian Starfinder Avor Stelek, a team of Starfinders is dispatched to investigate the so called “planar bloom.” Can the Starfinders stop the planar bloom’s spread? More importantly: should they?

This scenario is one of four stand-alone Starfinder Society Scenarios directly tied to the Drift Crisis a galaxy-wide catastrophe detailed in Starfinder Drift Crisis. While basic knowledge of the Drift Crisis enriches the experience of this adventure, it isn’t required. The Starfinder Society Drift Crisis Scenarios include: Starfinder Society Scenario Special #4-99: A Time of Crisis, Starfinder Society Scenario #5-04: Fragment of the 4th, Starfinder Society Scenario #5-07: Planar Bloom, and Starfinder Society Scenario #5-14.

In Pathfinder Society Special #3-99: Fate in the Future, the Pathfinder Society dispatches its best agents when it receives word from the Woodsedge Lodge of a mysterious anomaly in the magical pathway known as the Maze of the Open Road. Traveling through the maze, the agents find themselves a world away from home. Only by learning the source of the anomaly can the Pathfinder Society hope to regain full use of one of its most important tools for transportation. However, a secret that spans an unfathomable amount of time rests at the heart of the dangerous expedition.

This is an interactive special that leads directly into the events of Starfinder Society Special #3-99: Perils of the Past.

In Starfinder Society Special #3-99: Perils of the Past delve deep into frozen ruins on the planet Akiton as part of a major Starfinder Society expedition to chart the area and investigate its temporal anomalies. Encounter strange creatures, powerful artifacts, and help two time-lost companions reunite! Content in this interactive special ties in to Pathfinder Society Special #3-99: Fate in the Future.

In Pathfinder Adventure Card Society #7-99: The Protean’s Prank, a surge of chaotic magic sweeps up a group of travelers, who find themselves catapulted into a variety of different adventures, with themes and locales that pay homage to the last few years of Pathfinder Adventure Card Society stories. They must uncover the cause of this disruption and stop it at its source.

This Pathfinder Adventure Card Society special adventure requires the Core Set and the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path.

Learn more at paizo.com.

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