Staged Heroism RPG on Kickstarter

This just in from NerdBurger Games…

In the past, heroes were heroic and villains were villainous, but they all hung up their capes eventually. Each new age of crime has made these epic rivalries as much of a commodity as anything else in the world—part of a regulated and unionized industry. 

NerdBurger Games announces the Staged Heroism RPG.

Staged Heroism seeks to capture the feel of Venture Bros.’ (and similar cartoons’) super-heroics and super-villainy, all slathered over with a tongue-in-cheek absurdism at how even the mighty and powerful can ultimately succumb to crushed dreams and failures of epic proportions.

You can play a hero, villain (that’s right, a villain!), secret agent, or sidekick and bring to life tales of heroic heroism, villainous villainy, unfulfilled legacies, and plans gone delightfully awry.

The Staged Heroism Kickstarter is live!

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