Pre-Registration Opens for Nuverse’s Upcoming Fantasy MMORPG Dark Nemesis

San Francisco – March 15, 2022 – Dark Nemesis, the action-packed MMORPG from Nuverse, is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Over 2 million people pre-registered for Dark Nemesis, and now, all players who download the game will receive the registration milestone rewards. During the first two weeks following the game’s launch, Dark Nemesis is hosting several limited-time giveaways. Players can join the 7 Days Carnival to win a free Sphinx (A Spirit). Players will receive Free Symphony Wings (A+ Wings) for logging in on seven consecutive days and a Free Imp (A+ Companion) for logging in on 14 consecutive days while the events last.
Dark Nemesis is a high fantasy tale of magical conflict, where players fight against the oppressive Raven Church and seek the legendary realm of Lux Aeterna to help restore light across the dimensions. It features a score by renowned composer Neal Acree, who composed the soundtracks for Star Craft II, Diablo III, and World of Warcraft, and a deep, rewarding combat system.
To download Dark Nemesis, visit: Dark Nemesis Download
Players choose from four classes, Warrior, Gunslinger, Assassin, and Mage, mastering a unique set of skills to take on fearsome bosses and other players alike. Key to Dark Nemesis’ combat is the Spirit, a unique item that serves as the player’s mount outside of battles and transforms into powerful, class-specific weapons to help achieve victory.
Outside the gripping storyline, Dark Nemesis features a robust PvP system. Players can challenge others in grueling battle royale combat and team up in guilds to battle for supremacy – and look fabulous in the process.Dark Nemesis’ extensive customization system includes Wings and Costumes, cosmetic collectibles players can outfit their characters with, along with Companions that accompany players on their journey.
Dark Nemesis’ Battle Royale mode puts heroes to the test in a massive PvP war that only ends when one player remains. The PvP Battleground offers a team-based approach, where player guilds engage in combat and scour the depths of treasure-filled dungeons to uncover valuable resources that level up companions and combat abilities.
Key Features:
  • Slash your way through a multi-dimensional world where good and evil collide!
  • An immersive dark fantasy world with stunning graphics and exquisitely rendered characters
  • Action-packed boss fights
  • Expansive character and gear customization systems
  • Intense PvP Battle Royale and team warfare combat

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