Pre-Registration Opens for Nuverse’s Upcoming Fantasy MMORPG Dark Nemesis

Hong Kong – February 18, 2022 – Nuverse announced pre-registration for its thrilling MMORPG Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is live now on Google Play and the Apple App Store. From now until the game’s launch on March 15, Nuverse is holding a pre-registration campaign offering in-game rewards as registrations reach key milestones. All rewards will be delivered to player accounts once the game goes live, and meanwhile, Nuverse is offering players a spin at the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win prizes such as an iPhone 13 Pro.
Get a glimpse of Dark Nemesis’ fearsome bosses, exquisitely rendered worlds, and fierce combat in the gripping new trailer below. Four classes, which are Mage, Assassin, Warrior and Gunslinger, will hone a deep skillset through exhilarating real-time battles, assembling a customized arsenal of weapons and armor to face off against spectacular bosses.
Dark Nemesis is the spiritual successor to Legacy of Discord, a bold blend of PvE and PvP elements set in an expansive multidimensional universe, where deadly foes lurk around every corner. It features a score by acclaimed composer Neal Acree, who created the soundtracks for World of Warcraft, Star Craft II, and Diablo III. Players control one of the Peacekeepers, an elite group of warriors standing against the Raven Church’s oppression and leading the Crystal of Light to the fabled land of Lux Aeterna.
Dark Nemesis’ Battle Royale mode puts heroes to the test in a massive PvP war that only ends when one player remains. The PvP Battleground offers a team-based approach, where player guilds engage in combat and scour the depths of treasure-filled dungeons to uncover valuable resources that level up companions and combat abilities.
Key Features:
  • Slash your way through a multi-dimensional world where good and evil collide!
  • An immersive dark fantasy world with stunning graphics and exquisitely rendered characters
  • Action-packed boss fights
  • Expansive character and gear customization systems
  • Intense PvP Battle Royale and team warfare combat

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