Announcing Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals Organized Play!

Today we are excited to share some news with the entire Vamily! While we know you are all waiting for the game to arrive in your hands, we are happy to announce our Organized Play plans with you today, including a little something to help pass the time until the game hits your shelf!

First off, our intention for Organized Play will be to provide a home for all of our Vamily members, regardless of your level of competitiveness or where you live. Speaking of levels of competition, here’s a little about the various ways to play that we intend to offer.

  • Casual Kits – For store-level and at-home organized play, be it game nights, small tournaments, or weekly leagues. These kits will closely resemble the OP Kit included in many of your Kickstarter pledges, with a variety of alt-art cards and playmats. We are excited to share with you the first of these kits featuring a new promo vampire, Freddy Usher!

  • Premium Kits or Store Championships –  Community-level kits slated to begin in late 2021 or early 2022. Will include a wider variety of prizes, including things like acrylic tokens, deckboxes, or other swag that will improve your play experience and show off your fearsome reputation to future opponents! Intended for a larger tournament at a local game store or club.

  • Prince of the City events – Once large events are able to safely resume, we intend to introduce our top-level competitive event, the Prince of the City. Frequently held at large gaming conventions, these will be large, highly-competitive tournaments with very attractive prizes on the line. Fight your way to the top and be crowned Prince of the City, and you’ll have the opportunity to be immortalized in the game as a unique vampire in a future product. A Prince of the City event will also include a variety of side events to ensure that no matter your performance in the main tournament, you have a way to spend more time with the Vamily and enjoy playing Vampire.


Looking beyond 2021 we have plans in the works for even more, including more Prince of City events, Prince of the City Qualifiers held regionally, charity events, and national or continental championships that we aren’t quite ready to share details on yet, so stay tuned!


Vampire OP will be organized into seasons, beginning with Season 1: San Francisco. Stretching from the physical release of the game until Q2 2022, Season 1 will include Prince of the City Indianapolis (GenCon), and Prince of the City Philadelphia (PAXU), assuming that those events are able to happen on a scale that allows such a tournament. We will be looking at places to expand these events to cover more of our audience as well! In addition to Prince of the City tournaments, Season 1: San Francisco will include 4 casual play kits, and 1 community-level premium kit.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, it is always possible that these 2021 plans will change, but we will do our best to communicate any changes promptly to the community.


You may have noticed that Season 1 starts when the game physically releases, so what are you supposed to do while you wait for that? To that end, we are thrilled to be able to offer the Season 0 pre-release league to the entire Vamily.

Beginning today, and running through Feb 22nd, we will be taking signups here for a free Tabletopia-based league which anyone is free to participate in. Round pairings will be posted each Tuesday on the Vampire Rivals community Discord (starting Feb 23rd), and you’ll have an entire week to schedule and play your game with your opponent and report the results to our online form. If you would like help learning the game before the league begins, we encourage you to sign up for a hosted demo during Renegade Con, Feb 12th-14th here.

The league will consist of 5 rounds of swiss pairings, and those players that go undefeated will receive a prize, while players with only one loss will receive a smaller prize. All players that play every round of the event will be rewarded with a special badge on the Vampire Community forums, and elevation to a special Role on the Vampire Community Discord. Games must be played with each player’s choice of the starter decks available in Tabletopia, and the game will be available for all to play on Tabletopia throughout the event. We will provide updates on standings each Vampire Wednesday, and plan to stream some of the top tables during the event to showcase the game being played competitively.

Although Rivals supports up to 4 players, this league will be played 1 versus 1 so as to simplify arranging your games remotely. In order to participate you will need to be registered on the Vampire Rivals community Discord, as that will be the primary way of communicating with your opponents. Full details can be found at the new Vampire Organized Play page, linked below.

In addition to the Season 0 League, as Kickstarter backers receive their pledges, many will be getting the Season 0 OP kit, with the new vampire Smoke. We hope that players with this kit will use it to run a small event with their game group or at their local store, whenever it is safe to do so in their area.


We want to provide everything a retailer or player needs to run a successful event, so to that end we’ve added a new section to the Vampire website, featuring important things like our beta Tournament Rules (coming soon), a blank PDF decklist, and a searchable card database (coming soon)!


We’re sure you have questions, or suggestions about how we’ll be handling certain things, so we encourage you to join us Saturday, Feb 13th, at 1PM PST for our stream with Sales & Marketing Program Director Matt Holland, as part of our Renegade Con virtual convention. He’ll be chatting about these plans and more.

We’ll always be looking for community feedback on our plans, and will incorporate that feedback, as well as data we collect from events, in our decision-making process when possible. We want to hear what the Vamily is thinking!

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