Revised Review: Nerd Rage Games – Space Rage

Product Name: Space Rage
Publisher: Nerd Rage Games
Author: Richard Green
System: Rage Series
Setting: Space Rage
Theme: Military Sci-Fi
Type: Core (Revised)

Nerd Rage Games has released revised editions of their core Rage Series modules. The first module is Space Rage Rebooted and contains a new layout and presentation along with additional and expanded mechanics. The module has held strong with its solid core mechanics and new aspects for role-playing have been added taking the module from its Military Sci-Fi roots to bringing in options for Space Opera and even Social Sci-Fi.

Space Rage is a Military Sci-Fi module with plenty of options for combat and epic warfare from a ground-level to space. The major additions and enhancements to the module are detailed here along with renewed ratings.


The Space Rage reboot adds a significant amount of material for the known worlds applicable to all of the races. Each planet is named and fully detailed along with notes on their importance to the different races. These planets are creatively designed and even their names gives some ideas for further detailing of the different races with naming conventions of other planets or regions within those planets.


Adding to the world creation is a tool for defining new worlds. There is a great chart to use for rolling the different options available for creating these worlds starting with their resident star and the number of planets surrounding it (including how many of those are inhabitable). This is a great tool for creating new systems with new worlds ready to be explored. Further charts are available for detailing these worlds including their atmosphere, composition, and climate. A couple more charts are available for further fleshing out the details like a worlds purpose and the type of ore(s) that can be found.


Bestiary is key to taking combat out of the stars and placing it within the known or created worlds. The Space Rage reboot contains a good list of bestiary ranging from mundane creatures to samples of the different races. Each one is fully detail including a description and all applicable stats.


A true GM tool, the campaign generator brings new ideas for adventuring on land or out in space. These adventures and campaigns can be generated methodically or chosen by rolling against the given charts. These charts include mission types and different mission ideas for some of the character archetypes. To further enhance this tool, a tool for creating treasure is also included.


Overall I find the Space Rage reboot to be a successful revision for a system with solid mechanics. I really like the additional and enhanced mechanics especially those that offer more role-playing opportunities.


Publication Quality: 6 out of 10
While the layout, presentation, and descriptions have been improved, there are still opportunities for further improvement to ease-of-reading and better understanding. The revision is a step in the right direction and several sections have seen a layout overhaul that greatly improves their presentation. However, items like more defined sections, consistent content, and further detailing could improve the publication quality.

Mechanics: 9 out of 10
The overall base mechanics have remain unchanged, but many of them have more options (such as during character creation). There are great new mechanics for campaigning including the known worlds, world generator, and bestiary. With this, Space Rage has grown from its simple Military Sci-Fi start into a system with many role-playing opportunities.

Desire to Play: 9 out of 10
With the Space Rage reboot, Nerd Rage Games has brought more role-playing aspects into the game as opposed to the simple sci-fi “hack-and-slash” of the original edition. These additions bring a lot more options to game-play and make the game more desirable for those looking to experience more from a Military Sci-Fi system.

Overall: 8 out of 10
The Space Rage reboot is a definite move in the right direction for this module of the Rage Series system. Nerd Rage Games kept the solid base mechanics intact and added many more options for campaigning and role-playing. They also expanded upon the setting and created tools for expanding upon the setting or creating your own.

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