3rd Annual Great Indie RPG Giveaway

3rd Annual Great Indie RPG Giveaway
By Aaron T. Huss

It’s that time of the year again and Roleplayers Chronicle is gearing up for the 3rd Annual Great Indie RPG Giveaway. At this point, we’re looking for publishers that wish to participate in the giveaway.

The Great Indie RPG Giveaway is a special giveaway designed to highlight independent tabletop role-playing publishers. This is done by the publisher pitching in a product, or products, into the giveaway and becoming a resource for those participating in the giveaway to receive an entry. Entries are achieved by following a Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, or Google+ Community of the publishers, with a single entry offered for each individual following.

The giveaway is sponsored by Roleplayers Chronicle and managed through Rafflecopter. It’s an easy way of creating entries and this allows publishers to connect with a fanbase that may not know about them otherwise. It’s currently slated to run from June 22 – June 30, although this may have to be modified depending on how quickly every publisher gets their information sent to me.

If you are a publisher, or a representative of a publisher, and wish to join the giveaway, please send me a message at aaron@roleplayerschronicle.com with the subject line Great Indie RPG Giveaway and I’ll send you information.

You can support Roleplayers Chronicle by shopping in our CafePress Store, purchasing a copy of our Magazine, or following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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