Review: Paizo Publishing – Chronicle of the Righteous (Campaign Setting)


Campaign Setting: Chronicle of the Righteous
Chronicle of the Righteous is an epic fantasy supplement for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, written by Amber Scott and published by Paizo Publishing.
By Venus De Coy

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Chronicle of the Righteous is a book that expands the greater heavens and multiverse that is Golarion and its many heavenly lands along with the rest of the world.


This 63 page book, is quite full of a lot of awesome divine goodies.

  • Shares with you the lands of the Celestials. Gives you great details of their land, and gives you a greater understanding of how you can integrate it into your game.
  • It talks about the Empyreal Lords (50 in total) and their beliefs, minions and where their place is in the celestial realms of Golarion.
  • You also learn about a new prestige class called the Mystery Cultist, that focuses on worshiping the Empyreal Lords.
  • You gain new spells and items, that benefit and grow your game in more ways than one!


I have always been a fan of mythology and lore of the gods. It’s always been a side fascination of mine since I’m named after a goddess. Chronicles of the Righteous is a book that not only feeds the fascination of mine, but creates a whole new world for Pathfinder players to consider and play in if they so choose.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
Presentation of Layout: This book is laid out differently from their other product lines, but this is more for the fact that it is a Campaign Setting and so they like to change it up in these respects. The book is an incredibly “bright” book. By bright I mean that the art is done in bright colors and the layout is in a high glossy style. An additional touch is there are certain points in the book where they go into a parchment style, which I like.

Ease of Mobility: The book is lovely! The PDF’s are also nice. The bookmarks are off in this book in comparison to a lot of other Paizo products, but the table of contents in the beginning balance that out a bit. Moving through the file and downloading it was not problems at all. I completely enjoyed it.

Mechanics: 8 out of 10
The Campaign Settings, are also a part of the fluff publications of Paizo Publishing. Which means, they are more about the extra setting and additional information about the subjects they are talking about. But you always want a little bit of mechanical information that makes all the flavor tie in together with the game. Mechanically, all of it is sound, and there are few things that stick out, but they are not super wowing me mechanically.

In this book, you get a new prestige class, some items and some new spells you didn’t see before. I like the mechanical additions that they added, and that many of them are not as expensive and as overpowered as most other settings have been in the past. The spells are the BEST part. As a few of them I have used already in my campaigns and they have saved my life as a resident Cleric player. (If you are Pathfinder Society player, look at Vinetrap and Sanctify Weapons as they are awesome spells that are PFS legal!)

Value Add: 10 out of 10
Value wise, books that talk about the Pathfinder mythology are my favorites! When you first open this book, you learn about the creation of “The Chronicle of the Righteous” which is what the book is based on. It’s a beautiful addition to the Pathfinder lore that we now get to take a deep look into. As the book goes on, it adds on a collection of Empyreal Lords who would be the equivalent of “Demigods” in modern terms. It then talks more about Angels, Archons, Agathaons and Azatas whom are all servants of the Empyreal Lords. It is a nice added addition to the lore of Golarion and beyond. It is also great for those who may not want to represent a Deity, but find an Empyreal Lord more interesting to serve than a traditional God.

Overall: 9 out of 10
At the end of the day, Campaign Settings are just that; setting books. But this book adds quite a lot of flavor and mechanical goodies for those who are looking for a little of both. If you are a fan of mythology, this book is definitely something to look more into and work into your campaigns in the future!

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