A Word in Edgewise… with Andrea “Little Red” Serrioz


with Andrea “Little Red” Serrioz
By Cape Rust

me452Andrea, is a good friend and co-worker who is going to attend KantCon in Kansas City this weekend, this is her first time to attend a Con, Cosplay or play a tabletop RPG. I thought it would be a good idea to interview this outstanding woman to get her pre- and post-Con impressions of Kantcon as well as playing an RPG for the first time. I think that for people who have been gaming for a long time we forget what our hobby looks like from the outside and just how much backlash from the 80s still haunts us. I asked Andrea to be brutally honest in her answers, so if something she says offends you as a gamer, think about it really hard, these are her raw and honest perceptions.

Q. Before we get started, tell us a little about yourself.
A. I think I’m just an innocent girl trapped in an adult body. I think of myself as quiet and shy BUT in all actuality I’m quite the opposite. I’m really LOUD!!! I’ve recently gotten into Musical Theatre and I’ve been singing in public now for a year.

Q. What are some Geeky things about you?
A. I think the only geeky things about me would be … I’m a Doctor Who fanatic!!! AND I lUV SG-1!!!

Q. Have you ever played a Role Playing Game before (RPG)?
A. No.

Q. Have you ever been to an RPG Convention before?
A. No. I’ve never been to any kind of convention before. I saw some pics of a con and it looked liked it would be fun to go to. Soooo I decided to come and see what’s what. Overall I’m really excited to see what goes on.

Q. In your mind, what is an RPG?
A. I know it’s a role playing, BUT I really don’t know exactly what it is that they do.

Q. What pre-conceived notions do you have about RPGs based on what you have heard or seen in the media?
A. A bunch of guys wearing wizard hats and robes throwing dice in a circle talking about dragons. I grew up pretty much thinking that Dungeons and Dragons people are devil worshippers and serial killers. So even today I’m very wary of the term D&D and I have no desire to do anything that pertains to devils.

Q. Switching for the games to the Gamers, what kind of people are you expecting to game with?
A. See above

Q. This being your First game ever, how do you think the other players at the table will treat you?
A. I think they’ll be nice to me however I don’t think that they’ll talk much. I think that they’re going to be really shy.

Q. You have mentioned that you have seen Lord of the Rings; do you think your RPG experience will be anything like that?
A. No. I don’t see the connection between a movie and an RPG.

Q. If you were going to play any of the characters from Lord of the Rings which would you play and why?
A. If I can’t end up with Legolas Then I’d be Arwen so that I can be in the greatest love story ever with Aragon!!!!  I’m the Princess!!!!

Q. With little or no knowledge of the different types of RPGs, what RPG based on a movie or TV series would you like to play and why?
A.  Ok… So I think I just figured out that a RPG is, like putting on a play… So in that sense … I’d put on a Doctor Who play (RPG) And I’d be the Companion, and we’d be going up against the Weeping Angles.

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