Review: Scrying Eye Games – Type SD Police Cutter (Scrying Eye Shipyard)

Scrying Eye Shipyard: Type SD Police Cutter
Type SD Police Cutter is a sci-fi spaceship battlemap, ideally designed for Traveller, designed by James Miller and published by Scrying Eye Games.
By Aaron T. Huss

Type SD Police Cutter is the next battlemap in the Scrying Eye Shipyard series of spaceship battlemaps designed for use with Traveller. This battlemap features a single police cutter with a docking bay for a smaller personal ship. Included with the police cutter are two copies of the smaller ship that fits inside the docking bay, mimicking the same design style as the larger police cutter, providing great synergy between the entire set. Overview illustrations along with designators are included for both ships and optional tokens are included to add a little more flavor for when you place it on your tabletop. One thing should be noted that while this spaceship is a police cutter, there are no markings designating it as such allowing it to be used for a number of possibilities.


The series of Scrying Eye Shipyard spaceship battlemaps are truly a thing to see. They consistently make efficient use of the space provided and are always stuffed with an incredible amount of detail. As a user of Campaign Cartographer and the Cosmographer add-on, I am amazed at the combination of symbols used in the Type SD Police Cutter to create interesting designs for the different areas within the spaceship (such as the bridge and engine rooms). If you play in a sci-fi setting and ever need a spaceship to fly, you should check the Scrying Eye Shipyard first.


Publication Quality: 8 out of 10
Scrying Eye Games produces very high quality battlemaps. Type SD Police Cutter has a wonderful layout overall, except for a couple little things here and there. Some pieces of the battlemap are cut in funny places and the overview pages are mixed within the pages of the battlemap instead of prominently in the front, leading into the battlemap. These are all very little things that don’t detract from the usage or beauty of the battlemap.

Visual Appeal: 10 out of 10
Type SD Police Cutter is a beautiful spaceship battlemap with an incredible amount of detail and a superb use of available space. As with other products, Scrying Eye Games is extremely efficient and effective with their ship designs along with providing an interesting combination of elements that create the design of the ship’s interior. If you zoom in on the battlemap, you’ll see an immense number of small items put together to create the ship’s inner-workings. With the inclusion of the exterior, you can help but be impressed by how this battlemap looks.

Desire to Use: 10 out of 10
Although Type SD Police Cutter has a specific use in mind, it’s universal design on the inside and out provides a number of other possible uses. It can be used as a simple, short-ranged transport ship or something regularly used for a small scouting party. By avoiding the use of defining details, the battlemap can be opened up for a number of different uses.

Overall: 9 out of 10
The Scrying Eye Shipyard battlemaps are beautiful renditions of unique spaceships, designed for Traveller. But don’t let the Traveller logo sway you, as they can easily be used for other sci-fi RPGs that use miniatures. Scrying Eye Games is extremely good at making intriguing battlemaps that always make me want to see more.

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