DIESEL Revs to Life

Get your gear on! We’re super is super excited to announce the launch of DIESEL! Created by Steven Pankotai (@stevenpankotai), DIESEL is a game of cinematic action wrapped around an emotional core. Inspired by media like Mad Max and Firefly, DIESEL involves communally creating badass characters and a unique adventure for them to embark on. The game is intended for short campaigns, running 2-5...

Deep-Cut Studio Releases New Craftworld Game Mat

New game mat release! Craftworld gets the dedicated release in all its glory and majesty. Planet size spaceship, home of.. remnant space elves? Abandoned lizardfolk megapolis? Aethereal plane shaped by wild magic? You decide at www.deepcutstudio.com – one stop to build your battlefields. Links: https://www.deepcutstudio.com https://www.facebook.com/deepcutstudio