Review: Visionary Comics – The Devil’s Six Gun (Deadlands)

The Devil’s Six Gun
The Devil’s Six Gun is a one-shot comic book set in the Deadlands role-playing game setting written by David Gallaher & Steve Ellis at Visionary Comics and published by Image Comics.
By Aaron T. Huss

This review, as you can see, is a bit different from the rest. The Devil’s Six Gun is a comic book, but not just any comic book. It is a one-shot story set in the Deadlands role-playing game setting from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, written by the minds at Visionary Comics, and published by Image Comics. So why do a review on a comic book? Because The Devil’s Six Gun can also be used as source material for any Deadlands adventure or campaign. But your not just getting the same old source material, you’re learning the entire story behind the weapon itself.


The Devil’s Six Gun contains two stories. The one-shot storyline is the history of the devil’s six gun (the actual gun) and how it came to life. The second starts a four-part storyline which I will not spoil. The true focus is The Devil’s Six Gun which I think really captures the Deadlands setting. To make everything that much better, you even get the in-game mechanics for The Devil’s Six Gun at the back of the comic book.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
As a comic book, The Devil’s Six Gun is top-notch. But then I wouldn’t expect anything less than that for something put out by Image Comics. However, considering the Deadlands setting, The Devil’s Six Gun is fantastic. It has a dark overtone with that western front. Some of the concepts of the Deadlands setting are presented very well and I really like the overall flow of the storyline. You get a definite feel of the possibilities of Deadlands considering ghost rock and some of the wicked weapons that can be created. More importantly, it really drives home the ideal of how horrific the setting can be.

Storyline: 8 out of 10
I found the storyline to be very interesting and well-developed throughout the comic. It does an excellent job of building suspense in the form of uncertainty. In addition, the storyline conveys a nice series of ups and downs of how the ghost rock can make you famous and then take it all away. I only wish it was longer, especially in the middle where the main character Copernicus appears to becoming “famous” for what he’s done. However, in the end, the storyline is about the gun…

Art Direction: 10 out of 10
One thing to point out is the feel of the Deadlands setting. It is a fantasy horror steampunk version of the wild west. From that short description, you would think of dark overtones and terrifying outcomes. The Devil’s Six Gun truly shines when it comes to representing the Deadlands setting. Just looking at the colors feels like Deadlands. The colors are very mute and and earthy with an ominous glow whenever the ghost rock is near. Not only do you get the look and feel of the west, but the horror elements come out as well. Lots of shadows, sinister looks (on people’s faces), crazy science, and overall danger. I loved it! You really get an understanding for what a gun such as The Devil’s Six Gun can do to people.

Overall: 9 out of 10
The Devil’s Six Gun is an excellent one-shot comic book set in the Deadlands setting. I love the gun’s background story and how such a powerful weapon requires you to tread lightly. The art is phenomenal and the storyline is solid, but most of all it really does a great job of working with the Deadlands setting.

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