Storytellers Forge Launching Companion Novels To The Black Ballad – Chronicles of the Crossing!

Chicago, IL (June 6, 2024) – Today, creative-focused publisher Storytellers Forge is announcing its upcoming novel series Chronicles of the Crossing in conjunction with 4-Horsemen Publications.  Set in the world of The Black Ballad, The Sunless Crossing, Chronicles of the Crossing is a collection of full-length novels of different genres, each written by a different author to explore journeys through Purgatory.

These novels will explore the various themes surrounding what happens after adventures die through different genres, including roguepunk, necromantic heists, death-torn mystery and romance, and metal-infused god wars. The project is helmed by Storytellers Forge and features C.D. Corrigan (Tattered Pawns, Sea of Cinders, Relict RPG) writing Memory Thief, Chris Durston (Chronicles from the World of Guilt, Each Little Universe) writing Mortal Coils, Brian Fitzpatrick (The Mechcraft Trilogy) writing The Nyxian Cataclysms, and Crystal Wood writing Duskwalker. The Backerkit campaign for Chronicles of the Crossing will launch on October 15, 2024, and also give backers a chance to pick up The Black Ballad campaign book alongside the novels in paperback, hardcover, or epub format.

Those who back the campaign in the first 48 hours will receive hand-illustrated maps of The Sunless Crossing to follow the adventures of the novels as they traverse Purgatory.

About The Black Ballad
Perhaps you’ll have better luck in the next life…
The poetic mystery of death has long been a fascination for the living. The images of warm hearths and a familial embrace are conjured for some, while others picture screaming in eternal torment at the hands of a demon. And yet, clerics have the power to pluck the dead back from that plane, thrusting them into their mortal coils or even raising them to a state of eternal undeath. Surely the gods would grow weary of their clerics pinching souls that rightfully belong in their afterlife. Wouldn’t they?

If you enjoy curling up to a fantastic novel and escaping to a new world or wish to dive deeper into the lore of The Black Ballad universe, then find a novel (or all of them) that strikes your fancy.

After all, a well-read adventurer might avoid future calamities.

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Check out the Backerkit campaign and get notified when it goes live: Chronicles of the Crossing Backerkit Campaign

About Storytellers Forge
Storyteller’s Forge is an indie roleplaying game design studio that focuses on crafting compelling narratives—with a creator-focused spotlight. We create full campaigns, storylines, and worlds adaptable for any storyteller’s home world in evocative and immersive ways. We believe all storytellers should be empowered, from expert wordsmiths to a fresh game master taking the leap the first time. The tales from our studio are immersive, epic, and bind groups together. Build worlds. Tell stories. Slay monsters.

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