Blade Runner The Role Playing Game: Replicant Rebellion, Fully Funded in 12 minutes

The Rebellion rises as Free League continues its hit streak with the latest epic expansion for the award-winning neon-noir RPG

Stockholm, Sweden (May 28, 2024) — The Replicant Underground is officially enlisting new recruits, as the Kickstarter campaign for Replicant Rebellion, the massive new expansion for Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game from Free League Publishing, is now live on Kickstarter. The campaign was fully funded in 12 minutes, and has raised over $50,000 USD in its first half hour.

Replicant Rebellion expands the scope of the acclaimed tabletop RPG, recruiting players to join the ranks of the Replicant Underground in Los Angeles 2037. Set at the same time and place as the Core Rulebook, players explore this neon-noir wonderland from the opposite perspective – now running from Blade Runners in an evocative cat & mouse race of provocateurs and powderkegs lit to explode, expose, and oppose the establishment, one way or another.

For the Rebellion, players will run their own independent crew who must undertake a variety of operations, all while attempting to maintain their cover and keep their records clean. Are they helping fugitive Replicants evade capture? Sabotaging the titans of the Replicant trade? Grappling with the cops, courts, and megacorps? Clashing with warring crews and syndicates? Smoking out moles in your midst? In this big city of dazzling lights and moral contradictions, Replicant Rebellion flips the famous script of the beloved Blade Runner universe and dares you to explore how much you’re willing to lose for a cause sacrificing it all. Yet regardless the price, the Rebellion must live on.

With the debut of today’s successful Kickstarter, Free League has revealed its line-up available to backers now:

  • The hardcover Replicant Rebellion sourcebook, featuring 200+ pages of official Blade Runner lore on the history and organization of the Replicant Underground, new rules and guidelines for running your own Underground crew, and several complete Operations (aka complete adventures) to complete for the cause.
  • The Asset Pack, a host of physical and digital handouts and design tools for the Game Runner to create their own Case Files and Operations. The loadout includes Independent Sentinel front pages and templates, location maps, crime scene photos, NPC mugshots, data sheets, Esper photos, and much more to be unlocked as stretch goals.
  • Rebels may also snag both the Replicant Rebellion sourcebook and Asset Pack in the Rebellion Bundle, perfect for Game Runners eager to run their own Rebel crew. Players new to the RPG can also catch up with the Starter Bundle, experiencing the Blade Runner’s perspective first-hand with the Core Rulebook and Starter Set.
  • The Complete Bundle offers one physical and digital copy of every retail release in the Blade Runner RPG series thus far: the standard edition Core Rulebook, the Starter Set with Case File #1: Electric Dreams,  Case File #2: Fiery Angels, the Replicant Rebellion sourcebook, the Asset Pack, the Game Runner Screen, and the custom Dice Set.
  • For the elites, the Collector’s Complete Bundle offers the same complete collection, plus one of the few remaining Collector Editions of the Core Rulebook, boasting a deluxe black faux leather cover with an embossed holographic foil stamp of the iconic neon Origin kanji character. Once sold out, the limited-run Collector Edition will no longer be available for purchase.
  • FLGS buyers are welcome to purchase discounted Retailer-Exclusive Bundles: a standard Megacorp Bundle including five copies of the new Replicant Rebellion sourcebook and the Asset Pack, along with an Executive Bundle offering five copies of the complete works from the Blade Runner RPG series thus far.
  • And if cash or chinyen are short, the Digital Bundle offers PDF editions of the new Replicant Rebellion sourcebook and the Asset Pack for all to enjoy.

All backers will get the PDF version of Replicant Rebellion months ahead of the official release. As an added incentive, all backers of physical items who pledge their support within the first 24 hours will receive an exclusive art print featuring Martin Grip’s electric cover art of Replicant Rebellion at no extra cost.

The main crew from the Blade Runner RPG core game continues on Replicant Rebellion with Tomas Härenstam as game director and lead designer, Joe LeFavi as setting writer, and Martin Grip as cover artist, plus new recruits: Eren Arik (Dune) as lead interior artist and Johan Nohr (MÖRK BORG, CY_BORG) providing mind-melting interstitials as the subversive voice of the Rebellion.

Join the Rebellion via the Replicant Rebellion Kickstarter today, then follow the campaign and Free League’s social channels as more stretch goals and surprises unlock throughout the campaign.

Replicant Rebellion for Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game will include:

  • An in-depth overview of the history and organization of the Replicant Underground, charting its presence throughout the Blade Runner Universe.
  • Detailed guidelines on how to play a Replicant Underground campaign, including several new player character archetypes and various new rules, such as maintaining Covers and sweating the Heat as the law closes in.
  • Several complete Operations (i.e., full adventures) to play for a crew in the Replicant Underground.

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