Star Trek Adventures Second Edition Available to Pre-order

London, ENGLAND: 1st May 2024

The second edition of Modiphius Entertainment’s critically-acclaimed tabletop roleplaying game, Star Trek Adventures, is available for pre-order on Wednesday 1st May 2024, and is accompanied by a free digital Quickstart Guide including the adventure “The Celestial Algorithm,” available now for download.

Star Trek fans can register their pre-orders for the core rulebook, three limited editions, and the Game Toolkit now.

The 48-page full-color digital Quickstart Guide includes a short introductory adventure written by Fred Love. The adventure is designed to get people playing straight away and also provides a condensed version of the new second edition ruleset, along with a ship sheet and seven pre-generated characters.

The second edition of the popular RPG refines the rules from the first edition, and is broadly compatible with first edition supplements and expansions. Some of the key changes to the new edition include the removal of the first edition d6 Challenge Dice with resulting adjustments to how damage is calculated and how extended tasks are resolved, a stronger emphasis on traits and social conflict, a revised approach to inflicting injuries and Stress, additional options for customising characters and starships, deeper lists of character and starship talents, and much more.

The new core rulebook also opens up the means for players to step outside Starfleet-focused gameplay and tell stories with the well-known species of the Star Trek universe, including the Klingon and Romulan Empires and other species present across the franchise. With the addition of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds to the licence, the new edition features art and design elements inspired by the popular broadcast series, as well as art inspired by every other Star Trek series.

The Star Trek Adventures second edition core rulebook is planned to launch at Gen Con, with a toolkit soon thereafter and an all-new starter set in the fall.

From Wednesday 1st May 2024, selected 1st Edition Star Trek Adventures print products will also be discounted by 50%, while stocks last.

Project manager Jim Johnson said: “The second edition provides Star Trek Adventures players, both new and experienced, with a wealth of Star Trek information and all the tools needed to create characters, ships, and stories in the expansive Star Trek universe. While we’ve made some key changes and refinements to the system during our refit time in Spacedock, veteran players will find it’s largely the same core system they’ve come to know and love over the last seven years. I hope new players find the second edition to be a fun game system ideally suited to delivering a worthy Star Trek collaborative storytelling experience at the gaming table.”

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