Review: Free League Publishing – Tales from the Lone-lands (The One Ring)

Tales From the Lone-lands
Tales From the Lone-lands is an epic fantasy adventure supplement for The One Ring, written by Gareth Hanrahan and published by Free League Publishing.
By Aaron T. Huss

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Tales From the Lone-Lands is a collection of six independent adventures for The One Ring that can be easily stitched together against an overarching background to create a campaign. When taken as a whole, there is a common theme weaved throughout the adventures along with all of them being placed in the lands of Eriador west of the Misty Mountains.

Tales From the Lone-lands truly showcases the style of gameplay prominently designed into The One Ring. It is a style that avoids the epic-gameplay such as a representation of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Instead, the gameplay is more akin to heroic fantasy with the spotlight is placed quite locally, focusing on the interaction of the PCs, their surroundings, and those around them. Every adventure is a small and contained but covers all the aspects of The One Ring – social interaction, the journey across the land, and the finale destination (which is presented in great detail). You also get a great feel for the lands of Eriador and how its history becomes weaved into these games, effectively making it much more than what you see on the surface (think ancient lands with buried secrets).

Tales From the Lone-lands not only provides a collection of adventures, it also includes a great amount of utility for those who need guidance on creating their own adventures and campaigns. It is a great representation of the setting but also presents the ideal style of adventures to be had in Middle-earth. Adding to that representation is a collection of artwork that showcases the dire feel of the setting when one ventures outside the comforts of the home and into the lands where trouble dwells. If you’re going to run The One Ring, this is a must-have for adventures to place amidst your own campaign, running it through as-is, or as leverage for your own adventure design!

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